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#composer - a UI for docker-compose

This is fairly beta stuff yet.

Run M-x composer to get started. If the directory contains a docker-compose.yml file, that will be used, unless the prefix argument is given in C-u M-x composer in which case a directory is prompted.


...more to come.

#General keybindings

As usual, type C-h m (describe-mode) in the composer window to see the available bindings.

There are two ways of interacting with the container list: either mark containers and then hit x to execute the actions, or use the upper case variant of the command to execute the command directly on that container. Marking is similar to the user interface in M-x list-packages, the corresponding action is inserted on the left margin.

For example, hitting d on a container and then s on another will initially do nothing. Only after hitting x (execute) will stop and start the marked containers, respectively.

#Marking containers

Binding Description
x Execute marked actions
d Mark container for stopping
s Mark container for starting
u Mark container for up
k Mark container for kill

The order in which these actions are executed are as follows:

  1. Killing
  2. Stopping
  3. Starting
  4. Up

#Actions on containers

These operate on the containers directly. Any marked actions are removed.

Binding Description
D Stop a container
S Start a container
U Up a container
P Pause/unpause a container
K Kill a container.


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