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These are various projects I've worked on over the years. I hope they may be of some use to you. If you'd like to contribute to any, feel free! I generally use the GPLv3 license, or MIT otherwise.

As of late the bulk of my development has been on private repos for work, unfortunately.

Git Repo Stores

In preferred order. I use github when I have no other option and for mirrors. * git.sr.ht/~andrewzah * github.com/azah * git.andrewzah.com/andrei

In Progress

These are things I'm actively working on and/or messing around with.

apps.andrei.kr – rust/wasm/react
  • Frontend for korean_numbers and other learning tools. #### rooibos – python3/flask
  • File uploading done right.

Actively Maintained

korean_numbers – rust
  • Converts integers and floats to Hangeul. Supports both number systems. #### danmuji – golang
  • Discord bot written using Golang. #### personal_site – zola
  • This website. Statically generated using zola and tera templating. #### personal_docker – shell/docker
  • Docker setup for fast deployments on VPSs.



naveraudio – rust
  • Downloads sound files for Korean words via NAVER's (undocumented) api.


  • Discord bot based on discordcr.
  • Wrote a lexer/parser to allow custom, recursive commands.
  • Wrote a command and plugin framework to allow custom functionality.
  • Wrote a Crystal/Kemal version of OWAPI, that scrapes and parses Overwatch gameplay stats from Blizzard.
  • Wrote a wrapper for Miniflux's api.
  • Solved an interview problem for CancerIQ. They wasted my time, so I made my solution public.


  • Elm frontend for amaranth-bot that dynamically lists commands and info.

Python 3

  • Contributed to v2 and v3 of Laura's overwatch stats api.
  • Learned about xml scraping and parsing, and API design.

  • a dotfile a day keeps productivity at bay. #### az-quotes
  • A json file of quotes that I like, as seen on my quotes page. Source for the random quote at the end of my posts. #### tf2config
  • tf2 config based on master comfig. #### korean_articles – pandoc
  • Created a makefile to easily copy/paste Korean articles and render them as PDFs for printing.