overhaul style
redo citations, footnotes, macros, add post 13
Update templates + fix 008 post
Update /projects
Update contact page, fix footer
fix quotes.json, add nav routes
Add projects page

* Refactor UX to be a bit more pleasant
add TL;DR section
Add two new posts
Change footnote ret arrow styling, add post 9

* Make h2/h3 headers use the same `safe|title` transforms
  in the article body and the table of contents.
  Previously hangeul titles would break since the table
  of contents didn't call `safe`.
Add post 008, update highlighting code & templates
Fix file and folder permissions...

* Add macro for displaying highlighted text,
  with and without margins.
* Add new css/styling/main colors
Update font stacks
Add post 7, fix toc to allow scrolling

* fix ToC to strip &amp- from titles
* update scss
Remove raleway font, use system fonts
Incorporate James' suggested changes