personal-site/templates/base.html -rw-r--r-- 3.1 KiB
remove google tracking
commit favicons
accidentally clobber history; update
Update templates + fix 008 post
Update /projects
Add seo stuff
Fix file and folder permissions...

* Add macro for displaying highlighted text,
  with and without margins.
* Add new css/styling/main colors
Update font stacks
Add 'dynamic' nav
Sweeping changes: Update to Gutenberg 4.x

* Use new taxonomies format
* Add categories
* Add navbar
* Use macros to make navbar dynamic, show posts if
  on on a posts/... path, otherwise tags &
Update styling, change background color on after-content

Add padding for random quote, remove HR between posts
Update templates and rebuild public
Update templates to use relative file paths
Update for new gutenberg usage
add templates