ref: cb6834e88814e7c044994bead58396eb5e5f9b73 personal-site/static d---------
add scss Note component
accidentally clobber history; update
fix quotes.json, add nav routes
Fix file and folder permissions...

* Add macro for displaying highlighted text,
  with and without margins.
* Add new css/styling/main colors
Update font stacks
Remove lightboxJS in favor of Lity

* Update image macro for Lity
* Update posts to actually use the image macro
* Create post #6
* Update styling
  * <h6> headers now are grey, small, and centered
  * <p><code> blocks are now 14px due to different
Update quotes

* use LibreBaskerville instead of Baskerville
Remove generated content,add quotes,update docker

Update contact w/ fediverse, remove twitter
Add quotes via submodule
Update public / static files
Add static files: javascript files plus fonts