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  summary = "Anki is a wonderful tool but in order to maximize your learning, you should avoid doing certain things."
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+ ## Not doing Anki daily
+ If you take away only one tip from this post, let it be this one. Nothing else here matters if you don't consistently *review* words daily.
+ The entire point of Anki is [spaced repetition](). Every time you skip a day's reviews, the following day will be much harder–for newly learned words at least.
+ ## Studying too many new words
+ ## Having too many concepts per card
+ ## Mixing reviews and new words
+ ## Pressing 'easy' too easily
+ It's very tempting to give a review card the 'Easy' grade, quickly giving it large intervals. Don't do this unless you know the word quite well. Otherwise the interval will shoot up to ~2-3 months, and you'll have forgotten it by then.
+ You should almost always be grading a word 'Good' or 'Hard' (or 'Again' if you forgot it).
  ## Conclusion
- This is my personal setup. It is by no means prescriptive– I merely wanted to share what works for me. [Email me](mailto:hello@andrewzah.com?subject=setup%202019) if you spot any mistakes or have any observations.
+ These are some of the problems I've encountered while using Anki. Are there other ones you think I should talk about? Let me know.