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title = "Living out of 2 backpacks: A 3-month retrospective"
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date = 2019-04-24
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tags = ["backpacking"]
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keywords = "living out of two backpacks three month retrospective perspective goruck"
summary = "After three months of lviing out of two* backpacks, I look back on my initial thoughts and how I changed my setup since setting out."

In January of this year, I set out for semi-permanent traveling with only two* backpacks: A Goruck GR1 26L, and a Goruck GR2 40L. Prior to setting out I had done a -lot- of research, and made a [detailed spreadsheet][google_sheet] (down to the gram) of what I'd be taking. It's not too bad I think, although the gorucks are more weighty than I'd like.

\* See EDC below.

[google_sheet]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G2LZ8zVWrJF9apgV1cRvr1qAxD33_mO1xKaOoz2uyW4/edit?usp=sharing

## My Philosophy
Before you take me to task over the items I bring, please understand one thing: I like fashion. While I was preparing these items I read a lot of of [/r/onebag][onebag] and [/r/minimalism][minimalism], but most long term backpackers... have an ascetic style taste, to put it one way. Indeed, the only way you can really cut down to one backpack longterm is by gutting your wardrobe. Or only traveling to warm climates, like some people.

I travel with three pairs of shoes. And no, that isn't too much, *for me*. If you can live on one pair, bully for you. I can't. Stop, before you even try to think of it! There is no shoe that is good at everything– wearing daily, hiking, and still looking sharp enough for a suit. None. Every time someone links one of these so-called versatile shoes in /r/onebag I barf because they're hideous without fail.

Part of cutting down to 2 backpacks was figuring out what the absolute minimum was for me without hating myself. Wearing one or two outfits only is not something I can do.

Although I would like to only have one backpack, it's just not feasible with my tech + clothes. And I think that's okay. If I fly, my 26L goruck still fits under my plane seat and the 40L goes overhead.

[onebag]: https://old.reddit.com/r/onebag
[minimalism]: https://old.reddit.com/r/minimalism


Initially I wore my redwing boots + outlier slim dungarees + w&p work shirt combos more often, but I slowly transitioned to a more streetwear look. Now I typically wear my nike free runs or common projects, nike or adidas sweats, and a tshirt or long sleeve shirt. This is great in Korea since streetwear is basically the core fashion aesthetic here, but in Japan I felt like a slob, woefully underdressed compared to the sharp salaryman look there. If I stayed there longer I would probably go back to a red wings + chinos + ocbd look or wear suits daily.

I actually really like wearing suits. Summer or winter, it doesn't matter. But wearing suits daily while living out of 2 backpacks...? That would be quite a tough challenge I think. And expensive.

Even so, I've been thinking about getting one suit in a versatile color, and 2-3 dress shirts. The problem is shoes. I would need a pair of shoes that goes well with a suit, but then I'd have 4 pairs of shoes.

## The Items
### Things I ended up not using
Items that almost made it here were the glove liners and the coal beanie. I only used them once while hiking 북한산 (백은대) in March.

I also only used the patagonia torrentshell once or twice, but I bet I'll use it much more in the summer season.

#### Outlier Ultrafine Tee (Light Grey)
This shirt showed my nipples too easily. My problem with merino wool is that undershirts show too easily.

#### Tan chinos
I added these at the last moment before I left for the airport, hence they're not in the spreadsheet. They took up too much space and were cotton, so they were annoying to dry.

Although I miss having tan/light brown pants so I want to find some lightweight ones here.

#### Outlier Slim Dungarees (Navy)
Due to wardrobe changes I don't wear my boots often. When I do, I typically wear the black dungarees. I'm going to get rid of one of the pairs.

#### Panasonic Lumix G85 & Gear
Yep. The thing is that although I do want to make youtube videos, my time invariably goes towards other things.

I just send photos to friends or post to instagram occasionally, so my iphone X is more than sufficient.

#### 5w apple wall adapter
This is a backup so thankfully I've not needed to use it.

#### Paracord
I haven't had a reason to use this yet but it takes up like no space at all.

### Things I haven't used as much as I'd like
#### Card Travel Adapter
This was worthless at first because Korean outlets are recessed, so the adapter can't fit. On my first day back in Korea I had to find a hardware store and bought two cheap adapters.

Now at home I daisy-chain the card adapter to the cheap adapter. It's pretty nice. I just get home and plug in my kindle/iphone/ipad/anker power battery, etc as needed.

In Japan I daisy-chained it *in reverse* with the cheap adapter to plug in my 3-prong mac charger. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯

#### Amazon Kindle
I got tired of trying to make my way through a Korean history book. I had the mentality of "finish one book, then read another" but this doesn't pan out so well for information-dense books.

Instead, now I read what I feel like reading. I'm in the progress of *Pro Git*, *Meditations by Marcus Aurelius*, and *Korea's Place in the Sun* now.

### Clothing Additions
#### sweatpants x3
* [Adidas tiro 19 training pants](https://www.adidas.com/us/tiro-19-training-pants/D95958.html)
* [Nike sportswear tech fleece](https://www.nike.com/t/sportswear-tech-fleece-mens-joggers-gXTOoz1v/805162-010)
* [Nike Jordan dri-fit 23](https://www.nike.com/t/jordan-dri-fit-23-alpha-mens-basketball-pants-2KTrDkJG/889711-011) - but in black/white instead of black/red. The pictured ones here have pretty ugly colorways in my opinion.

I decided to get the nikes after trying them out in a store. The tech fleece is lighter than expected but takes forever to dry. (It's not common to have a dryer in Korea). The jordan dri-fits are amazing because they're so light, but unless I'm running in them I pair them with the smartwool base layer.

#### sweatshirts x3
* F.Illuminate plain sweatshirt, grey
* F.Illuminate plain sweatshirt, tan
* [RipnRpr sweatshirt, Seoul 1988 graphic](https://ripnrpr.com/collections/long-sleeves/products/1988-long-sleeve)

F.Illuminate is a Korean brand. I found these sweatshirts in a random store but couldn't find them on their website. They're nice and simple, no logos–I'd say these are now my main staples along with the sweatpants above.

RipnRpr's designs are mostly cringy but this one is gold. Normally I don't like streetwear graphics, but how could I -not- wear a 1988 Tokyo olympics sweatshirt with a parody of Frosted Flakes on the back? This is a really fun sweatshirt but takes forever to dry because it's oversized/baggy, and still somehow shows undershirts. I'd prefer a regular sweatshirt version.

#### misc
* Korea was more windy than I remembered, so I got a scarf from a random street vendor.
* I got 3 pairs of long black dress socks, since smartwool socks don't quite match with common projects.

### Item additions
Keep in mind even with these additions I was still able to travel with everything I originally packed. It really was just a matter of re-organizing things more efficiently. The gorucks always astound me with how much I can pack if I get creative.

#### iPad Pro 11" + Apple Pencil v2
I initially bought this to use with Duet as an external monitor, but duet sucks. It's laggy. So I was disappointed at first but then I realized it's pretty nice to use when I'm not programming or writing. I study kanji through an Anki deck on this if I don't use my laptop, and I can put on netflix in the background while cooking or cleaning. "But can't you do that with your laptop also?" you might ask. Well, yes. But the ipad is way lighter and nicer to use in this case.

I fucking loath taking notes on the ipad, or any other digital device. Pen. Paper. Only. I really tried using GoodNotes 5, but I *never* want to wrestle with a tool or its UI while I'm trying to write down my thoughts.

* For some reason, the stylus would randomly change to eraser mode at times.
* I wanted to study kanji by writing 1 character ~50 times, so I thought "surely it must be easy to copy a character, paste it into a text box in GoodNotes, and then resize the textbox". Nope, you utter fool. Resizing a textbox just doesn't work, the character gets clipped.

GoodNotes' saving grace is with annotating PDFs... once I save it in the right format to my phone, of course.

ProCreate is a nice app, but it's a PEBKAC issue here. I just don't find myself often sitting down to just... draw. I should fix that.

#### Fountain pens + inks
Let me start off with saying I am not a snob about writing tools. I like rollerball pens (you know, [these ones][uniball]) just as much as I like niche fountain pens. Now, with that out of the way:

##### Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Mustard, Fine Nib
I tried out a Mustard Sailor Pro Gear Slim at Kingdom Note in Japan, and I was blown away. I *love* writing with [this pen][mustard]. It's from Sailor's [Vegetable Collection][vegetable-collection] and I really want the [Carrot][carrot] one as well.

[uniball]: https://www.amazon.com/uni-ball-Vision-Rollerball-Point-0-7mm/dp/B00006IE8J
[vegetable-collection]: https://community.fpc.ink/t/kingdom-note-x-sailor-vegetable-series-pro-gear-slim-release/45
[mustard]: https://www.kingdomnote.com/item/2800000060473
[carrot]: https://www.kingdomnote.com/item/2800000060459

##### Platinum 3776 Century, Fine Nib
I tried [this one][platinum] out at Kindome Note as well and enjoyed how it wrote. It is a bit finer than the mustard Sailor so I use it a lot for kanji practice.

[platinum]: https://www.gouletpens.com/products/platinum-3776-century-fountain-pen-chartres-blue-gold?variant=11884876824619

##### TWSBI Eco Demonstrators x2, Bright Green/Red, F/EF Nib
I found a small fountain pen store in Korea and [got these][twsbi] for fun. The F is too wide for kanji kractice but I like the extra-fine.

[twsbi]: https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/twsbi-eco-fountain-pens/products/twsbi-eco-fountain-pen-transparent-green-special-edition?variant=14644767391787

#### PS4 controller
I picked up one in Japan. I missed being able to play games like street fighter on my mac.

##### Inks
* Kindom Note Blue
* Kobe Inks - Ginza Itoya Sepia
* Kobe Inks - Blue
* Sailor 100th Anniversary Collection - Yamaburo Red

Is traveling with these a pain? Yes. I want to slim down to just the Kingdom Note Blue + Yamaburo Red and probably triple wrap them in ziplock bags.

## My Current Routine
* wake up between 9 and 10am
* brew coffee, get ready, do chores if needed
* eat (usually at a local restaurant since Korean food is super tasty and healthy)
* decide to take a bus ~40 mins to wework, stay home, or go to a local cafe
* work (with breaks every so often)
* study kanji or go to a language exchange
* (occasionally) relax at a pc cafe for a bit before heading home

Intersperse randomly with hanging out with friends. Midterms are going on currently here so all of my college friends are quite busy.

The downside of working + diligently studying [Korean vocab and Japanese kanji] + working on personal programming projects + writing is my time just magically disappears. I try to talk to people on HelloTalk for language practice but I find myself going days without responding. Even with my friends this also happens.

### EDC (Every day carry)
Wallet, phone, watch (my wrist shall not go unadorned), small notebook (that can fit in my pocket) + uniball pen.

Arc'Teryx jacket if it's cold/rainy, patagonia torrentshell if it's just rainy. I make sure to always have the pen + small notebook in the jacket pockets.

The following items are if I'm working, writing, etc.

#### Backpack
For EDC both gorucks are way too bulky. The GR1 was  fine in the US since I drove everywhere, but have you ever been on a crowded train in Asia at rush hour?

So I travel with a backpack nested inside of the GR2, an [Invisible Rolltop by OPPOSETHIS][rolltop]. I chose this for three primary reasons:

1) As mentioned, the gr1 was too bulky for daily use.
2) I wanted a sleek, minimal backpack that doesn't scream "I am a backpacker".
3) The bag fits my laptop + expands via the rolltop if I pick up some groceries, etc.

[rolltop]: https://www.opposethis.com/products/invisible-rolltop

#### Macbook pro 2015 retina + sleeve
My programming machine. The heart and core of all my operations. I got a quality leather sleeve to protect it while moving around.

#### Leuchtturm 1917 A4 softcover, dotted
I cannot travel with out this. All my language notes, doodles, thoughts, tasking, and everything else go in here.

I might try out the grid paper ones next, but the dotted style is also very nice. Anything except standard lined, please.

#### Small 3-year daily planner
I saw this while traveling in Japan and thought it would be neat to have one spot for a daily log. I did this in my leuchtturm but it got buried by my notes and such. I use this to log my kanji study for example, so I can look and quickly see my progress. The hardest part was getting used to writing in it daily since I'd always forget.

#### Pens + fountain pens
I carry pretty much all of my pens in my backpack since they take up little space.

[grid-paper]: TODO

#### Bose qc20 noise-canceling headphones
These are like magic while traveling. In cafes and at WeWork they're okay, they cut out a lot of stuff but don't stop conversations or music super well. I just crank up [rain sounds][rain]. I had to buy the lightning adapter as well–I avoid losing it by always packing the qc20s in their case with it when I'm done.

The bose over-ear canceling headphones are way better for cafes and sound quality but are also much bulkier.

[rain]: https://rainymood.com/

#### Anker power battery
This has saved my butt a few times when my phone died while traveling or when I simply forgot to charge it the night before

#### cheap power adapter
For my macbook charger.

#### apple earbuds (lightning + 3.5mm)
I always carry these just in case. The bose have a lightning adapter as well.

### Sometimes carried items
#### Folder of 50 sheets of kanji paper
I study kanji every single day and I do it on [specific grid paper with outlines][grid-paper]. I keep them all since I want to see my progress, but at some point I'll just digitize them.

#### iPad Pro 11"
Acts as an external monitor or replaces the macbook if I'm not doing much beyond studying kanji or grammar.

#### Roost laptop stand
Helps prevent those nasty neck and back problems. Dunno if the price was worth it, but it's been rock solid.

I DO NOT use this at cafes. I'm not that guy. I use this at WeWork or at home only.

#### Microsoft arc touch mouse
The price is definitely worth it. This mouse is freaking amazing.

#### Logitech keys-to-go bluetooth keyboard
Look at [how thin this keyboard][logitech] is!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it in person. The downside is that it's super mushy as a result and typing on it for long periods begins to hurt my fingers. It also has an ever-so-slight delay, so when I use shift I often get "BOok" instead of "Book". It's probably just operator error though.

Soon I'm going to look at the Logitech k380 or similar.

[logitech]: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/keys-to-go

### Conclusion

[email me](mailto:zah@andrewzah.com?subject=Padrino%20Nested%20Resources) if you spot any mistakes or have any observations.

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title = "My setup for remote programming on OSX in 2019"
slug = "my-setup-remote-programming-osx-2019"
date = 2019-04-26
draft = true

tags = ["programming", "workflow"]
categories = ["self"]

keywords = "remote programming setup my workflow digital nomad mac apple osx vim nvim macbook rider rust ruby c#"
summary = "This is my personal workflow for being productive remotely on OSX in 2019."
citations = [
  ["Definitive T430 Modding Guide", "https://medium.com/@n4ru/the-definitive-t430-modding-guide-3dff3f6a8e2e"]

{{ localimage(
    desc="Working remotely at WeWork in Gangnam Seoul",
    t="Working remotely at WeWork, 강남, 서울 (Gangnam, Seoul)"

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I work remotely as a software developer. Currently I am in 서울, 대한민국– Seoul, South Korea.

## Development Machine

Before we begin, why apple and osx?

1. battery life
2. battery life
3. battery life
1. display
1. proprietary apps: photoshop, premiere, affinity designer, sketch

Before you scoff, I used arch linux on my home pc as a daily driver. I used a modded thinkpad t430 for a few months as well. I put in an i7-3632QM (quadcore) chip, a quieter heatsink, 2x8gb memory, a t420 old-style keyboard, and a 9 cell battery.

It was sweet. Until I started lugging it around. 

Weight-wise it was slightly heavier than my 15" macbook, but the battery life made it unusable. I was getting 4-5 hours, max, and occasionally it would just die earlier than expected.

Essentially I was always worried about my power source. What's the point of a laptop if you always need it to be plugged in?! I [live out of two backpacks][living] and work remotely while traveling, so battery life is pretty damn important to me.

My 2015 13" macbook pro's battery is still good to the point that I can easily work 6-7 hours with C# and Rust without worrying about charging. This doesn't happen often in practice but not having to worry about that is very important.

I know someone's going to respond with "but oh, you should've just used power++ with x y z profile!". I -did- experiment with different settings with power++ and other arch and freebsd alternatives. I simply want to work, not fiddle about with battery tuning settings and be worried regardless.

Eventually I'll need to replace this mac. All post-2015 macbooks have been a dumpster fire so I'll probably go with a dell xps, a lenovo x1 thinkpad, or [a custom x62 thinkpad from China][thinkpad].

[living]: /posts/living-out-of-two-backpacks-a-three-month-retrospective/
[thinkpad]: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Enthusiasts-bring-classic-ThinkPad-designs-to-the-modern-era.194630.0.html

## Setting up OSX

The first thing I always do is install xcode-tools, iTerm2, brew, and zsh. Then I clone the osx branch of my [dotfiles repo][dotfiles] and symlink the files where they need to be. I should automate this part with a script, but making that script would take me far more more time than just doing it manually. Not worth it.

You can use `brew leaves` to see installed items and `brew cask list` for cask items. I [stored][leaves] [mine][cask-list] when I originally started abstracting out my dotfiles.

[cask-list]: https://git.sr.ht/~andrewzah/dotfiles/tree/osx/cask-list
[dotfiles]: https://git.sr.ht/~andrewzah/dotfiles/tree
[leaves]: https://git.sr.ht/~andrewzah/dotfiles/tree/osx/brew-leaves

### poor man's window tiling

After using i3 I will never go back to non-tiling windows. I long for the day that i3 works natively on osx. Sigh.

I've somewhat replicated it with [chunkwm][chunkwm], [skhd][skhd], and [karabiner][karabiner]. Chunkwm is a tiling window manager, but it doesn't handle keyboard input. That's whereskhd comes in. I copy/pasted to my [khdrc][khdrc] but to be honest I don't use most of these hotkeys still.

[chunkwm]: https://koekeishiya.github.io/chunkwm/
[karabiner]: https://github.com/tekezo/Karabiner
[khdrc]: https://git.sr.ht/~andrewzah/dotfiles/tree/osx/.khdrc
[skhd]: https://github.com/koekeishiya/skhd

Then, I use karabiner to make my right command key into a hyper key– it presses shift, command, control, and option.

#### cons

Some applications have minimum window sizes. So if I have a few windows tiling, they will just overlap. KakaoTalk is an example offender.

{{ image(
    desc="An example image showing how Kakaotalk does not layout correctly when I have a terminal kakaotalk and two chat windows open",
    t="Notice bottom left and bottom middle."

### poor man's workspaces

I use 6 Spaces and I mapped hyper+num to swap to that workspace.

I disable "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use", in Settings -> Mission Control. This has got to be one of the worst options ever made.

My workspaces follow this order:

1. terminal
2. browser
3. Rider
4. misc
5. misc
6. Thunderbird

Misc applications I generally use:

* DB Browser for SQLite
* Insomnia (REST api testing)
* Azure Data Studio (ms-sql query testing)
* Datagrip (reading stored procedures / db schemas)

Task bar apps:
* Harvest (time tracking)
* Duet (use my ipad as an extra display)
* Caffeine (prevent my computer from sleeping)

And non programming-related ones:
* Discord (messaging, language study, rss)
* KakaoTalk (messaging)
* Line (messaging)
* Signal (messaging)
* Anki (flash card study)

## Workflow
Everything starts and ends with meetings and slack. I work on different projects for clients and my team has a daily 5-30min call at 9am (10pm in Korea).

In Slack and our meetings we'll discuss what needs to be done. I or others will make bullet points of the most pertinent stuff that needs to be done. No agile or anything, [thank god][good-agile-bad-agile]. We previously used a few different ticket tracking systems and I've found that they all suck. [YouTrack][youtrack] sucks. The only decent system I've found is:

1. make a list (or queue, if you prefer it that way) of pertinent things
1. do those things
1. discuss progress in daily call and/or on slack
1. repeat

On top of this, issues in github/gitlab/etc are also pretty good if you come up with good labels. Right now I'm experimenting with Github's Projects and semi-automated issues on our newest project.


Since I'm 13 hours ahead, this occasionally poses small issues with working with other team members, but I solved this by going to sleep a bit later (about 1am or so) and watching slack for any pings. Having different things to work on is also important– if I'm ever blocked on something, such as waiting for a teammate to wake up and answer a question, I can just work on something else in the meantime.

[good-agile-bad-agile]: https://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/09/good-agile-bad-agile_27.html
[youtrack]: https://www.jetbrains.com/youtrack/

### code editor

For non-C# code, I use neovim, vim, or vi, in that order. I don't care what you use. I like neovim, so I use that. I just become disappointed when people reflexively dismiss it because has any learning curve, like at all. There's a *reason* why it has one, and it's not because Bram Moolenaar is masochistic. Even if you don't use vim, I urge you to read the manuals of the software that you do use. Small tidbits of knowledge add up over time, especially with common repetitive actions.

It's also good to know a little `vi` when you mess up your FreeBSD installation and have to dip into an emergency shell. `nano` won't be accessible then.

*Modern Vim* by Drew Neil is a fantastic read. I read parts of it here and there to glean ways I can improve my vim usage. Every vim user should read *Oil and vinegar - split windows and the project drawer* [from vimcasts][oil-vinegar].

[oil-vinegar]: http://vimcasts.org/blog/2013/01/oil-and-vinegar-split-windows-and-project-drawer/


You can see my [neovim configuration here][initvim] here, although I need to prune it a bit. The biggest changes I've made are:

* mapping jj to escape from insert mode, or otherwise using ctrl-[ otherwise to avoid repetitive strain from hitting escape
* using [fzf][fzf] + [fzf.vim][fzf-vim] to fuzzy search through my files.
* using [ale][ale] to asynchronously lint and fix files (but only on file save. I hate over-eager tools that complain when I'm halfway through writing code)
* using [plug][plug] to manage plugins and lazily-load them
* disabling vim's annoying swapfile system.

Oh, and [gruvbox][gruvbox], arguably one of the best color schemes ever made. Every once in a while I experiment with a different scheme but I inevitably get drawn back to the GOAT. If someone made [Nord][nord] but with green as the main color instead of blue, I might use that.

  desc="Screenshot of neovim with four buffers open and using monaco font",
  t="neovim with four *buffers* open – and monaco font"

You know, I don't get why people go overboard with stuff like [powerline][powerline] and patched fonts. It's mostly superfluous information at best, and distracting at worst. But, you do you. I only look there to see the column number once in a blue moon.

#### cons

Vim's autocompletion... exists I guess. A while ago I looked into it but it seemed not worth the hassle to set up. Anyway, ctrl-p in `insert` mode brings up suggestions from open buffers. Good thing `p` is right next to `[`, which takes you out of `insert` mode.

[ale]: https://github.com/w0rp/ale
[fzf-vim]: https://github.com/junegunn/fzf
[fzf]: https://github.com/junegunn/fzf.vim
[gruvbox]: https://github.com/morhetz/gruvbox
[initvim]: https://git.sr.ht/~andrewzah/dotfiles/tree/osx/config/nvim/init.vim
[nord]: https://github.com/arcticicestudio/nord
[plug]: https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug
[powerline]: https://github.com/powerline/powerline

As an aside, did you know that `vim` displays `Type :quit<Enter> to exit Vim` if you hit ctrl-c? Is your joke outdated and unoriginal? Yes, yes it is.

### code editor (for C#)

I use [IntelliJ Rider][rider] on both osx and arch. I think the value is worth it. It's definitely nowhere near as snappy as vim but the autocompletions are excellent. The build profiles and test runners are pretty nice.

The Intellij plugin ecosystem is great- you can easily install plugins in any of their editors, to my knowledge. There's even an official [rust plugin][rust-plugin], but I prefer using vim for Rust, or really any other language.

*Not* making cmd-w close tabs is very, very stupid though. Who closes a tab with cmd-4??

[rider]: https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/
[rust-plugin]: https://intellij-rust.github.io/

## Conclusion
This is my personal setup. It is by no means prescriptive– I merely wanted to share what works for me. [Email me](mailto:hello@andrewzah.com?subject=setup%202019) if you spot any mistakes or have any observations.

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title = "5 Things to avoid for Anki"
slug = "5-things-to-avoid-for-anki"
date = 2019-05-12
draft = true

tags = ["memorization", "anki"]
categories = ["learning"]

keywords = "anki memorization things to avoid top tips lanugage medical"
summary = "Anki is a wonderful tool but in order to maximize your learning, you should avoid doing certain things."

citations = [
  ["Definitive T430 Modding Guide", "https://medium.com/@n4ru/the-definitive-t430-modding-guide-3dff3f6a8e2e"]

## Conclusion
This is my personal setup. It is by no means prescriptive– I merely wanted to share what works for me. [Email me](mailto:hello@andrewzah.com?subject=setup%202019) if you spot any mistakes or have any observations.

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