Add testcase and srht build yml
fix spacing logic to apply for all blocks
Fix bug with spacing on non-만 blocks
fix x00xx nums not spacing right
Add 일 before blocks higher than 만, update tests
Add edge case for 만 & space
Update for Rust 2018
Add support for money (f64) and some expressions

* Add errors file
* add utilities file to handle checking if a str
  ends with a vowel or not, and getting the
  correct subject/topic marker in turn
* add more tests
Begin to add math related parsing

* Make a few modules public for testing
begin restructuring
Parse xxx[1-9] numbers correctly. eg. 1001, etc.
Restructure codebase
Update toml and run cargo fix --edition
Fix typo in table
Add references to README
Update readme with Korean num info
Refactor once more for sino/pure distinction

* Add BigInt support
* Add pure '0' edgecase
* Add testcases all the way up to `극`!