Add (and track) new vocab via anki bulk insert.
update format, ditch csv files


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

I am using this as a way to track my new words.

A word that has # means I've entered it in into Anki.

The 6k list file, unsurprisingly, is a list of 6,000 Korean words for the TOPIK test. From what I can tell, it's roughly the most popular 6k words.

I already know roughly 40% of it, so I'm going through and either entering or deleting the vocab word (if I know it, or it's already in my anki deck).

If I spend 2 minutes per word entering it into Anki, and I enter 50% of the 6k list, it'll take me roughly 100 hours to enter them all.. Fun.

my todo.txt balloons way faster than I can attempt to enter the words into my deck. Also fun.

the todo.txt has no real order, logical divisions are separated by ---s. if a part of it gets long enough, I'll sort alphabetically.

typically these are different show episodes or contexts, etc.

todo.txt is well, my todo. I may use a convention of todo- or .

When I watch tv shows or talk with friends and see new words (and grammar), I put them in this list. Then when I get time I laboriously put them into anki.