update for alpine on x201
f5d3edfb — Andrew Zah 3 years ago
begin to update for openbsd
Fix vim slowdown issue
Update vi-mode keybinds, use gruvbox color scheme

* Update lock script, taken from arch-laptop
* Remove cruft from zah.zsh-theme, style it based
  on pygmalion.zsh-theme
* Don't load NVM at all due to long startup,
  source ~/usr/share/nvm/init.sh instead when
remove .i3 folder, remove i3blocks in favor of polybar
Update arch pc files
Add new firefox tab page, lock, new confs
Kitty/Termite->use Fira Code, add xinit/i3lock

nvim-> Set plugins to only load on relevant files
Style & track weechat; make i3 borders green
Fix clojure syntax, use Kitty for ligature support
Add i3,mpd,termite,weechat,nvim/after
Rm mac files
remove zsh history
Update symlinks
Add zsh theme from osx; add aliases
Update for arch