try multiple builds system
fix replies to look at the whole text (not just a url)
run nightly fmt
Add invokes, better time formatting and tracking
check add and check roles in handler
standardize help, fix channels print, add roles
fix leaderboard sql to account for month
Fix hangeul counting, add hanja commands
refactor hangeul fns out
* do some light cleaning and fix up permissions

* Rename ratio/result -> leaderboard
* gate replies, channels, etc under administrator or
  moderator permissions only.
* fix leaderboard command formatting
* add bucket for leaderboard command
* remove am_i commands
update sourcehut build.yml
spring cleaning - remove all warnings except tasks
refactor to use mutexes instead of rwlock
rename nixfile
fix null division err
Sort reply list alphabetically + test it
Add checks for owner/admin, and reset messages