I made changes and I'm scared to undo
Fix  over-eager validator for lower/upper bounds

* start using css in js for more contained files
* Add custom jssprovider to load jssExtend
  (what the fuck, js ecosystem, why was this
  so tedious and complex just to extend classes)
* fix homepage having a weird 24 px gap on the right
* Update makefile
Begin on rust lib for xml parsing, update ux

* Add homepage for site
* make pages component dir for home, about, etc
* Update some styling
Add support for bignum parsing, validate bounds
bump korean_nums ver, clean up lib.rs
update higher bound if lower increases
Prevent button toggles from deselecting
Change theme, add more form logic, add makefile
Re-add errors, begin to work on formatting
Overhaul to use React UI
Add more form stuff, restructure file layout
Use modern tooling/style

* Use just webpack w/ babel
* Add basic react components & HashRouter