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2.4: Nice looking HTML error pages

This commit changes tls-redirector to output descriptive, nice looking
HTML error pages rather than the one-line text it used to output. This
is aimed at providing any would-be visitors with information indicating
why they are seeing pages from tls-redirector, and not the website
they (presumably) intended to visit.

The HTML is compiled into the binary by using `go generate' to copy
files on disk into constants.
Lowercase license README shield
Switch to displaying the SPDX License identifier
Migrate to builds.sr.ht

This commit completes the move away from GitHub and other proprietary software!
Add shield that displays Docker pulls
Make PORT optional

This commit makes the PORT environmental variable completely optional
by falling back to port 80 when not specified AND systemd socket
activation isn't available.

This makes TLS Redirector even easier to use.

Issue: https://todo.sr.ht/~ancarda/tls-redirector/13
2.1: Simplify PORT, make systemd truly optional

This commit changes the behavior of `PORT' subtly to no longer require
`PORT=systemd' for systemd socket activation. Instead, it's detected
proactively if tls-redirector is launched without a PORT variable.

Additionally, the systemd code was moved out of main into files that
have conditional build tags. If socket activation isn't desired by the
user, they can compile the program to not have it.

PORT=systemd was retained for backwards compatibility, and also serves
a dual purpose of forcing tls-redirector to use socket activation if
that is desired, i.e. for debugging.
Improve the README: EnvVars, ACME caveat

This commit improves the documentation by listing in the README which
environmental variables are supported and how they affect the programs

Issue: https://todo.sr.ht/~ancarda/tls-redirector/9
Update Travis-CI integration

This commit moves Travis-CI to use .com rather than .org, and sets up
builds to run on newer versions of Go
Improve README

This commit updates the description to provide more information
regarding what this project is and what the authoritative URLs are
now that it has been moved off GitHub to Sourcehut
Re-license under AGPLv3
Add Travis-CI build status shield
Serve ACME HTTP challenges (fix #1)

This commit introduces a new flag, acme (string) that serves plain text
files at .well-known/acme-challenge. This is intended to help TLS
deployments that depend on ACME's HTTP challenges. Most Let's Encrypt
users likely depend on this being available, even if they are committed
to being TLS only.

You're encouraged to use DNS challenges if possible so that serving up
files isn't required and you can disable all disk access by
Initial commit of tls-redirector

This is a tiny HTTP server that redirects all incoming, valid traffic