9cae1746f7e526c34409fd48500df44740e53b7f — Mark Dain 2 years ago 1141e59
Don't run `go mod download' to build container

This commit removes `go mod download' and the corresponding COPY that
made it work. This builds upon work done in 68993931c85d as there are
no third party dependencies aside from:

 * `stretchr/testify' which is used in unit tests
 * `coreos/go-systemd' which is not used in Docker
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M Dockerfile
M Dockerfile => Dockerfile +0 -2
@@ 1,8 1,6 @@
FROM golang:1.16.0-alpine3.13 AS builder
WORKDIR /go/src/git.sr.ht/~ancarda/tls-redirector
RUN apk add git binutils
COPY go.* ./
RUN go mod download
COPY . ./
RUN go build . && strip tls-redirector