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Rārangi [ɾaːɾaŋi] is the Māori verb for "to list, arrange, itemise" and this tool facilitates that in a very simple manner.

rārangi demo


Head to the refs page, click the top tag, find the binary that best describes your platform, then download it!

For Linux and macOS users, make the binary executable with chmod +x <binary> then move it to your $PATH. This location varies from system to system but is commonly something like ~/.local/bin, /usr/local/bin or something similar. If you don't know what any of that means, just execute the following commands.

mkdir ~/.local/bin
mv rarangi* ~/.local/bin/rarangi
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin"' >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

You'll be able to use the rarangi command now.


rarangi path/to/file.txt

The whole idea behind rārangi is to be dead-simple. Call the executable and provide the path to a text file. The file should contain a bulleted list with + for complete tasks and - for incomplete tasks.

A title is optional and can be included by using # in the first line followed by a space then the title.

Empty lines are supported.

# List title
- First incomplete task
- Second incomplete task

+ First complete task
+ Second complete task

Note: at the moment, all rārangi does is render a list; there is no editing nor saving nor searching nor sorting. See ./todo.txt for a list of prioritised features.


  • q to quit
  • j/k or / to navigate lower or higher in the list
  • Enter or Space to toggle a task's completion state (see note above about persistence)

#Questions & Contributions

Questions, comments, and patches can always be sent to my public inbox, but I'm also in my IRC channel/XMPP room pretty much 24/7. However, I might not see messages right away because I'm working on something else (or sleeping) so please stick around!

If you're wanting to introduce a new feature and I don't feel like it fits with rārangi's goals, fork the repo and make whatever changes you like!

If you haven't used mailing lists before, please take a look at SourceHut's documentation, especially the etiquette section.