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title: NixNet Mail
title: Home
summary: Information about NixNet Mail and registration instructions

!!! warning
!!! warning "Registration is closed"
    We are not accepting new registrations at this time. Please check back in the
    future if you would still like an account here. In the meantime, take a
    look at [Migadu](https://www.migadu.com/) and

@@ 19,6 19,14 @@ the web interface at
desired username and domain in the form `user@example.com`. We will manually
create the account and send you a random password.

!!! error "Microsoft blocks our ISP"
    Outlook is among the *worst* mail services and outright blocks the ISP that
    hosts our current servers. We are planning to move at some point in the
    future, but until we're able to, delivery to Outlook addresses is
    impossible. This means that we are unable to reply to requests sent from
    Outlook and existing accounts are unable to communicate with Outlook
    addresses. Please keep this in mind.

We also recommend reading [useplaintext.email](https://useplaintext.email) when
you have time. It explains how to be a good "netizen" and common email
etiquette that a lot of people don't think about. All of the things mentioned