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In a nutshell, this prototype (!) Android-only app is just an interface to Google's Places API, specifically the Text Search (New) endpoint.

Screenshot of the app with the query "bar near cowley rd cambridge open 2am" and two of that query's results, the castle bar and revolution cambridge

Search for places using natural language, then tap one of the icons on the right of a search result. The left icon is Copy. Tapping it puts the place's coordinates in your clipboard for pasting into a calendar event, sending to a friend, etc. The right icon is Open. Tapping it opens the coordinates in any installed app that knows how to handle geo: Intent URIs. That includes e.g. Organic Maps, OsmAnd, Google Maps, Waze, and more.

Click to expand a GIF showing the app in use

Screen recording showing the app open the top result in Organic Maps


This app is a prototype. If people like it, we may extend it with a server-side component that hides all PII (e.g. IP addresses) from Google for a small monthly fee. For now, however, the prototype is free to test and will install as "Maps+" in your launcher until we come up with a better name (suggestions welcome!).