Add option to use curl for image downloading

using curl here is a good option as it can download all the images in
parallel with -Z it also reduces the number of processes spawned than
when using emacs
Add an option to use non ssl connections
Default 'year' to 0 if it doesnt exist
Require user set subsonic-host to find the correct authinfo more accuratly
Remove --no-terminal, broken on debian ?
Fix typo in variable name
Fix grammatical error in README.md file
Another readme update
Update readme for melpa/contributing
spelling and cleaning
More doom related fixes
Fixes for doom
Add prev/next track functionality
docstring subsonic-image-property
readme improvements
Add cool screenshots, fix spelling a bit
Fix error on emacs-master

Misunderstod :scale property, and its unnessecary
Fix byte compiler error :)