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@@ 6,19 6,18 @@ This is a subsonic client for emacs using mpv for music playing.

Add a `~/.authinfo.gpg` or `~/.authinfo` file with the following contents
    machine SUBSONIC_URL login USERNAME password PASSSWORD port subsonic
    machine SUBSONIC_URL login USERNAME password PASSWORD port subsonic

The `port` section here is used to identify the line as a subsonic
server must be `subsonic`

## Usage
The package isnt on melpa yet so it must be added to load-path for usage
The package is available on melpa as `subsonic`

Example use-package config:
(use-package subsonic
  :load-path "subsonic.el/" ;; in .emacs.d/subsonic.el
  :commands subsonic
  :bind (("C-c m" . subsonic))

@@ 39,6 38,14 @@ tabulated-list-mode as well as the mpv logic from mpv.el
This has only been tested with gonic however it should function with
other servers

## Contributing/Issues

Please send any patches or share any issues you may have on the mailing list here:

Perfer sending mail to the mailinglist before opening at todo ticket --

## Screenshots
![album list view](https://git.sr.ht/~amk/subsonic.el/blob/master/images/artist.png)
![podcasts view](https://git.sr.ht/~amk/subsonic.el/blob/master/images/podcasts.png)