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@@ 31,18 31,7 @@ Example use-package config:
Use the `subsonic` command to open a transient with commonly used
commands available.

Available settings:
- `subsonic-host` to the domain of the subsonic server, used to find
  the correct authinfo entry
- `subsonic-enable-art` to `t` to enable album art
- `subsonic-mpv-default-volume` to set default mpv volume
- `subsonic-ssl` set to `nil` to use a http connection when communcating
  with the subsonic server, defaults to `t`
- `subsonic-curl-image-download` use curl for downloading images,
  useful for improving image download consistency, defaults to `nil`.
- `subsonic-curl-image-parallel` when using curl, use the --parallel
  option for a speedup, defaults to t``
For a list of available configuration options check `customize-group subsonic`

## Info