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import slib scheme portable libraries
272 files changed, 107277 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

A Bev2slib.scm
A ChangeLog
A Makefile
A RScheme.init
A SLIB.ico
A STk.init
A Template.scm
A alist.scm
A alist.txi
A alistab.scm
A array.scm
A array.txi
A arraymap.scm
A arraymap.txi
A batch.scm
A bigloo.init
A break.scm
A byte.scm
A byte.txi
A bytenumb.scm
A bytenumb.txi
A chap.scm
A chap.txi
A charplot.scm
A chez.init
A cie1931.xyz
A cie1964.xyz
A ciesia.dat
A ciesid65.dat
A clrnamdb.scm
A cltime.scm
A coerce.scm
A coerce.txi
A collect.scm
A collectx.scm
A color.scm
A color.txi
A colornam.scm
A colornam.txi
A colorspc.scm
A comlist.scm
A comparse.scm
A comparse.txi
A configure
A crc.scm
A cring.scm
A cvs.scm
A cvs.txi
A daylight.scm
A daylight.txi
A db2html.scm
A db2html.txi
A dbcom.scm
A dbinterp.scm
A dbrowse.scm
A dbsyn.scm
A dbutil.scm
A dbutil.txi
A debug.scm
A defmacex.scm
A determ.scm
A determ.txi
A dft.scm
A dft.txi
A differ.scm
A differ.txi
A dirs.scm
A dirs.txi
A dwindtst.scm
A dynamic.scm
A dynwind.scm
A elk.init
A eval.scm
A factor.scm
A factor.txi
A fdl.texi
A fluid-let.scm
A fluidlet.scm
A format.scm
A format.texi
A formatst.scm
A gambit.init
A genwrite.scm
A getopt.scm
A getparam.scm
A getparam.txi
A glob.scm
A glob.txi
A grapheps.ps
A grapheps.scm
A grapheps.txi
A guile-2.init
A guile.init
A guile.use
A hash.scm
A hashtab.scm
A hashtab.txi
A html4each.scm
A html4each.txi
A htmlform.scm
A htmlform.txi
A http-cgi.scm
A http-cgi.txi
A indexes.texi
A iso8601.scm
A iso8601.txi
A jscheme.init
A kawa.init
A limit.scm
A limit.texi
A lineio.scm
A lineio.txi
A linterp.scm
A linterp.txi
A logical.scm
A macrotst.scm
A macscheme.init
A macwork.scm
A manifest.scm
A manifest.txi
A matfile.scm
A matfile.txi
A math-integer.scm
A math-integer.txi
A math-real.scm
A mbe.scm
A minimize.scm
A minimize.txi
A mitscheme.init
A mkclrnam.scm
A mkclrnam.txi
A mklibcat.scm
A mkpltcat.scm
A modular.scm
A modular.txi
A mulapply.scm
A mularg.scm
A mwdenote.scm
A mwexpand.scm
A mwsynrul.scm
A mzscheme.init
A nbs-iscc.txt
A ncbi-dna.scm
A ncbi-dna.txi
A null.scm
A obj2str.scm
A obj2str.txi
A object.scm
A object.texi
A paramlst.scm
A peanosfc.scm
A peanosfc.txi
A phil-spc.scm
A phil-spc.txi
A pnm.scm
A pnm.txi
A pp.scm
A ppfile.scm
A prec.scm
A printf.scm
A priorque.scm
A priorque.txi
A process.scm
A promise.scm
A pscheme.init
A psxtime.scm
A qp.scm
A queue.scm
A queue.txi
A r4rsyn.scm
A randinex.scm
A randinex.txi
A random.scm
A random.txi
A ratize.scm
A ratize.txi
A rdms.scm
A recobj.scm
A record.scm
A repl.scm
A require.scm
A resenecolours.txt
A rmdsff.scm
A rmdsff.txi
A root.scm
A s7.init
A saturate.txt
A sc2.scm
A sc4opt.scm
A sc4sc3.scm
A scaexpp.scm
A scaglob.scm
A scainit.scm
A scamacr.scm
A scanf.scm
A scaoutp.scm
A scheme2c.init
A scheme48.init
A schmooz.scm
A schmooz.texi
A scm.init
A scmacro.scm
A scsh.init
A selfset.scm
A sierpinski.scm
A simetrix.scm
A sisc.init
A slib.1
A slib.doc
A slib.info
A slib.nsi
A slib.sh
A slib.spec
A slib.texi
A solid.scm
A solid.txi
A sort.scm
A soundex.scm
A srfi-1.scm
A srfi-1.txi
A srfi-11.scm
A srfi-2.scm
A srfi-23.scm
A srfi-39.scm
A srfi-61.scm
A srfi-8.scm
A srfi-9.scm
A srfi.scm
A srfi.txi
A stdio.scm
A strcase.scm
A strport.scm
A strsrch.scm
A structure.scm
A subarray.scm
A subarray.txi
A syncase.sh
A synchk.scm
A synclo.scm
A synrul.scm
A t3.init
A timecore.scm
A timezone.scm
A top-refs.scm
A top-refs.txi
A trace.scm
A transact.scm
A transact.txi
A tree.scm
A tree.txi
A trnscrpt.scm
A tsort.scm
A tsort.txi
A tzfile.scm
A umbscheme.init
A uri.scm
A uri.txi
A values.scm
A version.txi
A vet.scm
A vet.txi
A vscm.init
A withfile.scm
A wttree-test.scm
A wttree.scm
A xml-parse.scm
A xml-parse.txi
A yasyn.scm
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