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v0.4.4 - can skip with 's'.
v0.4.3 (README++)
improve diff highlighting.
remove the use of git
v0.4.1 - typofix!
v0.4.0 - varia and cosmit

clean import, reduce log and better progress bar.
v0.3.1 with python 3.7

- Check the database exist.

- play_test_tests: pass extra argument `command` for replay...

- Specify numprocesses only when max workers > 1.

- During `play` store command for re-use in `replay`.

- Count mutation failures.

- replay: re-use command.

- duplicate source command before using it, to avoid accumulating

- Improve wording.

- Less TODO.

- Less or no need for benchmarks.

- repository is a git repository not the index.

- add missing replay command in docopt.

- fix sampling return values.

- allow float as sampling.

- display success message only in case of success.

- replay: fix max_workers=1 until further notice.

- replay: show mutation once.

- replay: uid is useless.

- replay: lookup the good subspace for failed mutations

- cli: it is possible to pass pytest argument file-or-directory
  without going throught the ceremony of copy pasting the whole

- add tqdm to show progress.

- bump v0.2.9.

- print output to stdout.

- only give a summary of ignored mutations.

- not interesting != interesting.

- drop the delta.isspace() it never happens.

- rename mutation_tess to mutation_pass, reverse again the logic to
  return False when mutation fails.

- PYTEST: no tb, with summary.

- database_open accept a string or Path.

- run returns an integer.

- add replay command to help with debugging.
initial version.