c59b6c524326240bb570094175e1fd3fe79397cc — Amirouche 7 months ago a7789f5
correctly retrieve the line of some stmt ast node nodes.
1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M mutation.py
M mutation.py => mutation.py +8 -3
@@ 396,6 396,12 @@ def mutate(node, index, mutations):
        yield from mutation.mutate(node, index)

def is_interesting(new_node, coverage):
    if getattr(new_node, 'line', False):
        return new_node.line in coverage
    return new_node.get_first_leaf().line in coverage

def deltas_compute(source, path, coverage, predicate):
    ast = parso.parse(source)

@@ 403,11 409,10 @@ def deltas_compute(source, path, coverage, predicate):

    for (index, node) in zip(itertools.count(0), node_iter(ast)):
        for root, new_node in mutate(node, index, mutations):
            if getattr(new_node, "line", False) and new_node.line not in coverage:
            if is_interesting(new_node, coverage):
                msg = "Ignoring mutation because there is no coverage:"
                msg += " path={}, line={}"
                log.trace(msg, path, new_node.line)
                log.trace(msg, path, getattr(new_node, 'line', 'unknown'))
            target = root.get_code()
            delta = diff(source, target, path)