mutation testing for pytest
Add cython dependency, and release v0.4.7



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#🐛 mutation 🐛

early draft requires more testing, please report any findings in my public inbox.

The goal of mutation is to give an idea on how robust, and help improve test suites.

#Getting started

pip install mutation
mutation play tests.py --include="foobar/ex.py,foobar/__init__.py" --exclude="tests.py"

Then call:

mutation replay


mutation play [--verbose] [--exclude=<globs>] [--only-deadcode-detection] [--include=<globs>] [--sampling=<s>] [--randomly-seed=<n>] [--max-workers=<n>] [<file-or-directory> ...] [-- TEST-COMMAND ...]
mutation replay [--verbose] [--max-workers=<n>]
mutation list
mutation show MUTATION
mutation apply MUTATION
mutation (-h | --help)
mutation --version

Both --include and --exclude support glob patterns. They are optional but highly recommended to avoid the production of useless mutations.

mutation will only mutate code that has test coverage, hence it works better with a high coverage.

mutation will detect whether the tests can be run in parallel. It is recommended to make the test suite work in parallel to speed up the work of mutation.

Also, it is better to work with a random seed, otherwise add the option --randomly-seed=n that works.


  • [ ] Avoid mutations that are syntax errors to improve efficiency, use python 3.9+ ast.unparse, possibly with black;
  • [ ] mutation play can error even if the code and the test suite is valid e.g. removing a docstring will trigger an error: reduce, and hopefully eliminate that problem, requires python 3.9+ (see above);
  • [ ] Add PyPy support;