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See `LICENSE` file.


### Milestone 1 - Webui

The first goal is to build the user interface. For regular users, the
mighty input box will be featured with search results (called hits),
along a search pad... The operator will be presented how to populate
the knowledge base, how to control the crawler, along a dashboard to
display health, and sort out moderation requests.

### Milestone 2 - Boolean-Keyword Search Engine

The second step is to build the basis of the backend that can achieve
boolean-keyword search with exact-match, and negated keywords, without
the support of the operator `OR`. Also, I will create a program to
convert `.zim` files from kiwix.org into a SQLite LSM database, add
the ability to populate the database with files using the Web ARChive
format nicknamed `.warc`. At which point, it will make sense to
package Babelia in NixOS.

### Milestone 3 - Knowledge Base

In that step the goal is to create the backend that will allow to
create the knowledge base that gathers information about known
entities and their relatedness. At this point it will be possible to
display recognized entities on result page. The main goal being the
added possibility to travel to the right of the semantic continuum
through hops in relations between known entities and keywords from the

### Milestone 4 - Crawler

The point of this milestone is to build a crawler (also known as
spider). Unlike a privateer spider, it does not aim to be very
fast. One of the main goal of Babelia is to be one stop solution for
your search need. Hence, the main feature of the crawler is to be well
integrated with the rest of search engine. It will be possible to
subscribe to RSS, and ATOM feeds. Also, it will be handy, to also
support firefox bookmarks. It will be possible to ignore URLs with
glob patterns. Also, the number of hops outside seed domains will also
be configureable to help escape the gilded cage.

### Milestone 5 - Moderation & Dashboard

Here the goal is to allow the operator of a Babelia instance curate
domains with the ability to delete indexed documents, or even purge a
domain that were flagged by an user.


- [ ] Convoui: conversational user interface;
- [ ] untangle: callback-less event-loop for network io;
- [ ] HTTP: HTTP/1.1 request and response reader and writer;
  - [ ] WARC: reader and writer;
- [ ] kiwix2babelia: convert kiwix' `.zim` files to `.warc` that can
      be consumed by babelia;
- [ ] JSON: JSON reader and writer;
- [ ] libtls;
- [ ] FoundationDB bindings;
  - [ ] lexicographic packing and unpacking;
  - [ ] nstore;
  - [ ] vnstore;
  - [ ] bstore;
  - [ ] eavstore;
  - [ ] pstore;
- [ ] HTML: gumbo bindings or htmlprag;
- [ ] XML / microXML: see yxml;
  - [ ] ATOM: reader;
  - [ ] RSS: reader;
  - [ ] OPML: reader;
- [ ] robots.txt, see https://github.com/seomoz/reppy;
- [ ] libmagic bindings;
- [ ] argon2 bindings;
- [ ] blake3 bindings;
- [ ] zstandard bindings;

## Acknowledgements

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