95f3aea7 — Amirouche 9 months ago main
bump pypy.
bump v0.11.3.dev4
3c5e93f7 — Amirouche 9 months ago
pyproject: require setuptools, bump.
5f1be686 — Amirouche 9 months ago
ci: use a oneliner to build, and publish.
poetry update
makefile: bump foundationdb @ 7.2.0
0c8ece30 — Amirouche 9 months ago
bump cpython versions
pypi: bump to v0.11.2
ci: pypy: the correct latest pypy version is v7.3.9 @_@
ci: pypy: bump patch level.

... the project does not use travis anymore, because it use sourcehut,
and that is good enough.
ci: cpython: bump all patch number.

ref: https://www.python.org/downloads/
tests: pstore: remove the use of processus pool...

... the large diff is due to indentation change, only one line was
pstore: make sample size configurable at deployement time.
pstore: import babelia's pstore...

- Drop the use of the POSIX processus pool;

- Pick a sample of document candidates to avoid very long response
  time => the same keywords can yield different results, but those
  results will contain all the required keywords.
HACKING.md: init.