Add "--rm-oldest-stubborn" command for stubborn SMS that fail to arrive and clog modem
Add ability to create new MMS conversations
mms send: better call out to editor
Add dependency
Add an early version of MMS sending
Have threaded view filter out your own number
Switch to mmsd fetching MMS if it's also fetched the SMS
Print a warning instead of failing on some malformed input
Note we now support message threading
Don't git-annex-add if we don't need to
Be more precise in what we git-annex-add
Fix git path
Store mm-mms file in git, not git-annex
mmsd support: remove special-case file
mmsd compatibility: read from absolute path
More work on reading messages fetched by mmsd
Workaround to support MMS picked up by mm-mms
--thread should only look at unread messages (for now)
--threaded should show messages sorted by delivery time
Add --thread option to only read messages in a given thread (sorted newest to oldest)