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pal \- color palette
.B pal
.B -cip
] [
.I file
.I Pal
is a tool for holding colors. It consists of many selectable colors. Selecting a color with mouse 1, and then using the mouse 3 menu to
.B Send
the color will output the hex color on stdout.
By default, the colors are the C64 color palette, as in 
.IR paint (1).
Passing a file with a hex color on each line will initialize
.I Pal
with those colors, instead.
Hex colors from stdin are currently ignored.
Mouse 2 will open up a menu, which has a few entries:
.TF Delete
.B Add
Add a new blank color after the one underneath the mouse pointer.
.B Delete
Delete the color underneath the mouse pointer.
Mouse 3 will open up a menu, which has a few entries:
.TF Send
.B Send
Output the hex color in the form 0xRRGGBBAA and exit.
.B Exit
Exit and output nothing.
.I Pal
has a few options:
.TF -c
.B -c
Color picker. An instance of
.IR makeu (1)
with flags
.B -ip
will fork to a new window. Sending colors from
.I makeu
will replace the currently selected color.
.B -i
is also given, then the new color will also be sent to stdout.
.B -i
.I Pal
will output the color every time the color changes due to a mouse input.
.B -p
.I Pal
will not exit when 
.B Send
is chosen.
.B https://git.sr.ht/~amavect/pal
.IR colors (1), 
.IR paint (1), 
.IR allocimage (2),
.IR color (6)