cmd/mkfile: simplify DIRS generation
many small changes, see DOC
fix in case . is not in $PATH
Remove CPDEP garbage, use ls instead of echo *, serialize install.
remove unneeded comment
remove $MK, check %.cpus build order correctness
cmd/mkfile: use $O.cp and $O.yacc iff $objtype==$cputype
Don't change the man target in mkone, mkmany.
update doc
update readme
finish yacc description in doc
update doc
rename default rule to 'default'
fix yacc race, add mkfile.proto
change compiler build to only $cputype's compilers for $objtype
build compilers first on install
add more doc, changes to mkmany mklib mksyslib
add incremental changes to DOC and cmd/mkfile
mkdiff: bind plan9front .hg to /