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This is a collection of exercises to interactively learn the mk build automation tool.
Each example has:
 * a mkfile with comments that needs editing to work correctly
 * some example starting files
 * a solution file named mksolution to compare your solution with

I highly recommend reading the following before using these exercises.
I will be basing my exercises on them.
 * the mk man page
 * /sys/doc/mk.ps
 * /sys/doc/mkfiles.ps
Read them even if you won't fully understand them!
It will slowly make sense as your brain processes it.

mk also requires significant knowledge of rc and various utilities.
Be sure to look up the man pages of any utilities you don't recognize.

Basic exercises for learning rc:
basics/00 - Specifying Recipes
basics/01 - Intro to Dependencies
basics/02 - QUIZ: Targets, Recipes, and Dependencies
basics/03 - Environment Variables
basics/04 - Recipe Environment Variables
basics/05 - Virtual Targets
basics/06 - Style
basics/07 - QUIZ: Targeting Variables
basics/08 - Errors #0: Formatting and Newlines
basics/09 - Errors #1: Missing Recipes
basics/10 - Errors #2: Circular Dependencies
basics/11 - Errors #3: Backwards Dependencies
basics/12 - QUIZ: Fix the Errors
basics/13 - Includes and Variable Overrides
basics/14 - QUIZ: 
basics/15 - Review and Talk

Intermediate exercises for becoming an expert:
inter/00 - Meta-Rules
inter/01 - Attributes
inter/01 - Self-Dependent Targets

Advanced exercises for enjoyment and challenge:

Are the examples not clear enough? Send your feedback!
Got to the end? Submit your own exercises and challenges!