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@@ 2,9 2,7 @@ Makeu ("make hue") is a color creating tool for 9front.

A selectable color field, a color display that doubles as an eyedropper, and a couple sliders.
Made using Libelementile. https://bitbucket.org/amavect/libelementile

TODO: document the filesystem
Made using libelementile.

mk install 

@@ 17,10 15,9 @@ Bugs:
Unoptimized. Libdraw is very slow on non-hw-accelerated systems.
I run on drawterm, in which case I was told that RGBA32 is not hw-accelerated.
Redrawing takes > 16 ms on my system, which is unacceptable.
Runs extremely slow on some systems (shows the redraw operation in motion).
Only known case so far is one user's t61p.
The issue lies in hsvmap.c:/^redraw/ where drawing the color gradients
 takes a long time. I'm not sure how to optimize this effectively, 
 or if the problem lies within devdraw or hardware acceleration.
 When combining all gradients into a static image, redrawing 
 still takes about 20 ms, which is still unacceptable.

Previously, makeu would draw extremely slow on some systems.
This is because there happened to be no soft screen.
This is rio's fault, as it should be buffering flushimage(display, 0) calls
before flushimage(display, 1) is called.
Also, rio should be isolating flushimage(display, 1) calls from other windows, but it doesn't.