Replace a `while (true)` loop
Remove debug print
Run example in README as a test (hackily)
Update README to reflect Zig build changes
Remove run task from build
Remove `main.zig` example program
Updates for Zig build changes
Updates for Zig master
Put allocator param first, seems more idiomatic
Add convenience functions for creating codecs
Provide reader/writer types to type constructor

Mostly so that the implementation can be cleaned up, but it seems okay?
Update README with current state
f2533c06 — Siva Mahadevan 2 months ago
remove branches in varint enc/dec, misc improvements

* Use zigzag integer enc/dec optimization idea from Daniel Lemire's
* Slightly improve code style in some places where comptime assertions
  and validations can be done near the beginning of the functions to get
  over with them sooner
* Remove testing allocator from benchmarking code and replace with arena
* Add zig build artifacts to .gitignore

[1] https://lemire.me/blog/2022/11/25/making-all-your-integers-positive-with-zigzag-encoding/
Compatibility updates for Zig master
Update README now that self-hosted is the default
Fix for union error message change and `HashMap` API changes

Signed-off-by: ugla <ugla@u8.is>
Disable some zig compiler tests until 0.10.0;don't emit binaries in tests

There are some tests that rely on the Zig compiler to reject e.g. enums with
duplicate values.
They don't work currently.
Check in again later to see if they should be enabled.

Also create unique temporary files per test, and don't emit binaries.
This makes the tests a bit faster.
More updates for self-hosted
Don't use testing allocator outside of `test` blocks
All tests pass on self-hosted