BARE Message Encoding implementation in Zig
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BARE Message Encoding implementation in Zig.

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The trunk branch is tested against Zig master branch on build.

# Use -Doptimize=Release{Fast, Safe, Small} for release build.
zig build

# Run tests.
zig build test


Use the Zig build system to add the "bare" module to your project.

Declare your types as usual, then use Encoder to encode them, and Decoder to decode them:

const Foo = union(enum) {
    x: u64,
    y: []const u8,
    z: void,

const Bar = struct {
    a: f32,
    b: u8,
    c: Foo,

const x = Bar{
    .a = 3.14,
    .b = 2,
    .c = .{ .y = "hello" },

test "example" {
    var buf: [12]u8 = undefined;
    var fbs = io.fixedBufferStream(&buf);

    const reader = fbs.reader();
    const writer = fbs.writer();

    var e = encoder(writer);
    try e.encode(x);

    try fbs.seekTo(0);

    var d = decoder(std.testing.allocator, reader);
    defer d.deinit();

    const y = try d.decode(Bar);

    std.log.info("x: {}", .{x});
    std.log.info("y: {}", .{y});

Hash maps and slices require allocation; call deinit on a Decoder to free any memory that was allocated.

#BARE conformance

All BARE types are supported, although data<length> and data are the same as [length]u8 and []u8, and string is also the same as []u8.

usize and c_uint are encoded as variable-length unsigned integers, and isize and c_int are encoded as variable-length signed integers.

For map[type A]type B, std.HashMap is used.

When using Encoder, all BARE invariants are enforced at compile-time.


There are tests ported from go-bare in an attempt to ensure interoperability. Please report any interoperability issues you find.

If you can port relevant test cases, that would also be very welcome. :)

#Code generation

There is no schema parser or code generation.

I don't need it myself, but I would gladly accept contributions.


Send patches and questions to ~alva/zig-bare@lists.sr.ht.