BARE Message Encoding implementation in Zig
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BARE Message Encoding implementation in Zig.

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The trunk branch is tested against Zig master branch on build. Tagged versions exist for some older Zig releases.

# Use -Doptimize=Release{Fast, Safe, Small} for release build.
zig build

# Run tests.
zig build test


Declare your types as usual, then use Encoder to encode them, and Decoder to decode them:

const Foo = union(enum) {
    x: u64,
    y: []const u8,
    z: void,

const Bar = struct {
    a: f32,
    b: u8,
    c: Foo,

const x = Bar{
    .a = 3.14,
    .b = 2,
    .c = .{ .y = "hello" },

test "example" {
    var buf: [12]u8 = undefined;
    var fbs = io.fixedBufferStream(&buf);

    var reader = fbs.reader();
    var writer = fbs.writer();

    var e = encoder(writer);
    try e.encode(x);

    try fbs.seekTo(0);

    var d = decoder(std.testing.allocator, reader);
    defer d.deinit();

    const y = try d.decode(Bar);

    std.log.info("x: {}", .{x});
    std.log.info("y: {}", .{y});

Hash maps and slices require allocation; call deinit on a Decoder to free any memory that was allocated.

#BARE conformance

All BARE types are supported, although data<length> and data are the same as [length]u8 and []u8, and string is also the same as []u8.

For map[type A]type B, std.HashMap is used.

When using Encoder, all BARE invariants are enforced at compile-time.

#Code generation

There is no schema parser or code generation.

I don't need it myself, but I would gladly accept contributions.


Send patches and questions to ~alva/zig-bare@lists.sr.ht.