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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Another implementation of the age encryption tool.

zage is not well-tested or mature, you probably don't want to use it.


I wanted to learn how it works, and I thought a small implementation could be useful for Wasm/web.

zage + zage-keygen is 69 KiB currently (static, linux amd64), and the Wasm library is 15 KiB gzipped over HTTP.


  • zage-keygen
    • [x] Identity generation
    • [x] Recipient from identity generation
    • [x] Convert identity file to recipient file
  • zage
    • [x] Parse the age file format
    • [x] Accept/reject all testkit age files
    • [x] Support X25519
    • [ ] Support scrypt/passphrases
    • [x] File decryption
    • [ ] File encryption
      • [ ] AEAD encrypt
      • [ ] Write out
    • [ ] PEM/"armor" support
  • wage (Wasm library)
    • [x] Wasm interface to main zage functions
    • [x] Example Wasm program
  • General
    • [ ] Define some nice data types and use those consistently.
      • [ ] Add interfaces/vtable for recipients, so that scrypt can be added more easily.
    • [x] Replace mecha with streaming parser to reduce allocations.
    • [ ] Translations?

#Building, testing, running

The standard Zig process:

# build the default target
zig build

# run all tests
zig build test

# install locally
zig build install -Doptimize=ReleaseSafe --prefix ~/.local

# run
zage -di <identity file> <encrypted file>

# run without installing
zig build run -- -di <identity file> <encrypted file>

Use zig build --help to see all the options.