Gemini browser using GTK and Zig
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Rocket is a Gemini client built with GTK and Zig.

A public good initiated by Ugla. 🦉


Somewhat usable, albeit with missing or incomplete features.

Build status: builds.sr.ht status

Rocket screenshot


You need Zig, libgtk-3, and libhandy-1.

# Build in your mode of choice and install to your preferred prefix
zig build install -Drelease-{fast, safe, small} --prefix {/usr, ~/.local}

# Uninstall
zig build uninstall --prefix <your install prefix>

# Build and run (debug mode)
zig build run

# Run tests
zig build test

# If you need to use libhandy-0 (unsupported; will be an option for as long as it works)
zig build {run, install} -Dlibhandy0=true


This code is messy and bad, so feel free to change whatever you want.

Send patches and questions to ~alva/rocket@lists.sr.ht.