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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Owl's prompt

Basic prompt that's fairly small and fast. It's about 20 KiB, does not do heap allocation, and has no runtime dependencies (on Linux anyway).


  • Git tree/index status, with various styles available.
  • Set terminal title to include the working directory.
  • Communicate working directory to new terminal instances, if supported.
  • Show date/time to the right of the prompt.
  • Show exit code of the last command if not 0.
  • Send a notification when a command completes in a non-focused terminal window.

Color theme can be changed; runtime theming might be supported at some point.

Run zig build --help to see the available options.

Prompt screenshot


With a recent zig:

# some features are `$SHELL`-specific
zig build -Dshell="$SHELL" --Doptimize=ReleaseSmall -prefix ~/.local

# build for zsh instead of bash, which is the default
zig build -Dshell=zsh -Doptimize=ReleaseSmall --prefix ~/.local

You can change the shell and prompt string with build options.


In your .bashrc:

PS1="\$(prompt \$?)"

Examples for bash and zsh can be found in contrib.