Small, simple passphrase generator.
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Passphrase is a small, simple passphrase generator.

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I was using Bitwarden's passphrase generator, which is good, except it only uses English words, and is also very slow. So I made this one. It's pretty fast (over 6000 times faster than bw generate -p,) and you can use any wordlist, or standard input. An English wordlist is included, and is the default.


The program is written in Zig, so you will need the Zig compiler, which is called zig in most package managers. You can also download a static build if it's not packaged for you.

To build and install the program:

zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseFast --prefix ~/.local

It installs an executable file in $PREFIX/bin, so that should be in your $PATH.

To run the tests:

zig build test

To build the manpage:

zig build doc


Use passphrase -h to see the available options.

Use passphrase -f path/to/dictionary or command-that-outputs-words | passphrase for a custom dictionary.

If the output is piped into another command, for example passphrase | wl-copy to put the passphrase in the clipboard, the ending newline is omitted, so that it can be safely pasted.