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If you've run out of things to read on my blog, check out these people - friends of mine and people I look up to, all of whom are doing interesting things.


A wonderful friend from up in Aberdeen. One of my many co-conspirators. Does Radio, the Scottish Consulate, and Abereen's Hackerspace, 57North, Debian, and many other things besides.

Hibby's blog was much of the inspiration for re-building this website to be simple, minimal, and maintainable.


Privacy activist, Tor developer, HamBSD maintainer, and another of my Aberdonian 57North pals. Very much worth paying attention for Radio and OS development antics.


Author of inspectrum. SDR wizard. Pedant, to a fault. Most comfortable with frequencies measured in GHz. Only seems to use twitter, for some reason.


Canadian academic, transplanted to Edinburgh. Bought a boat; the boat has a Twitter account.

more coming soon...