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If you've run out of things to read on my blog, check out these people - friends of mine and people I look up to, all of whom are doing interesting things. 


A wonderful friend from up in Aberdeen. One of my many co-conspirators. Does Radio, the Scottish Consulate, and Abereen's Hackerspace, [57North][57north], Debian, and many other things besides. 

Hibby's blog was much of the inspiration for re-building this website to be simple, minimal, and maintainable.

[hibby]: https://foxk.it
[57north]: https://57north.org.uk


Privacy activist, Tor developer, [HamBSD][hambsd] maintainer, and another of my Aberdonian 57North pals. Very much worth paying attention for Radio and OS development antics. 

[irl]: https://iain.learmonth.me
[hambsd]: http://hambsd.org


Author of inspectrum. SDR wizard. Pedant, to a fault. Most comfortable with frequencies measured in GHz. Only seems to use twitter, for some reason.

[miek]: https://twitter.com/assortedhackery

_more coming soon..._