fork of the the best binding for mimalloc in rust
56358f02 — Ali Polatel a month ago
Update to mimalloc 2.1.7
94bb4819 — Ali Polatel 2 months ago
Update to mimalloc 2.1.4
1bd0a447 — Ali Polatel 4 months ago
rename s/mimalloc/&2



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#The Best and Highest-Leveled and Newest binding for MiMalloc Ever Existed in Rust

mimalloc 2.1.7 stable

#Why create this

  • in repo https://github.com/LemonHX/mimalloc-rust/pulls there're many pull requests open for a long time, in other words it's garbage. Once these pull requests are merged, I am going to yank this crate.
  • in repo https://github.com/purpleprotocol/mimalloc_rust i didn't see any data types and it neither has all the functionalities which mimalloc has provided, in other words it's garbage.


first add to dependencies

mimalloc2-rust = "0.3"

then set the global allocator

use mimalloc2_rust::*;

static GLOBAL_MIMALLOC: GlobalMiMalloc = GlobalMiMalloc;