A simple bash-based music player for creating tunes
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funny radio soundunds
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Tune kicker

This is a simple bash music creator with different options:

  • BACKG to play something in the background
  • STOPB to stop the music in the background but keeping the sounds
  • SOUND to play a sound once
  • LSOUND to play a sound N times
  • LOOP to play background sounds N times
  • STOP to stop the whole program

The idea is to ease ambient music management for: synths, roleplaying masters, radio programs, etc.

for executing with the default sounds simply use ./player

For example, if you are mastering a dark roleplay setup, you can try:

INS > LOOP scifi 3
INS > LSOUND voices dark_demon 2
INS > LSOUND voices dark_demon2 2

If you are aiming for a cool scifi music you can mess around with some of the synths:

INS > LSOUND synchs synch1 2
INS > SOUND synchs synch2

You can try the sounds that are already over here or edit your owns.