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## Japan's sounds

I went on a trip to Japan, and traveled through different places from Osaka to Tokyo by train. In the meantime, I sketched what I saw, took pictures, and recorded random sounds I wanted to keep. They are not music, they are not interviews. They are just sounds of chill moments that I wanted to keep.

## The sounds

01 - This is the sound of the rain splashing against the plane when we were about to land on Osaka. It was raining hard, we were welcomed in Japan that way.

02 - This is the sound from inside a metro line we had to take a lot while in Osaka.

03 - This is the sound of a shop we visited, a very huge one, the adverts were in the background most of the time, in different languages. 

04 - This is a different metro line we took in a very exciting day.

05 - This is a river from the mountains in Miyayima, a very small village with a beautiful temple. We did some hiking and stopped by the riverside.

06, 07 - We used the taxi for the first time in Hiroshima, and later in Kyoto. I recorded both as they crossed through the streets. 
08 - We went to shibuya in Tokyo to take a look at Hachiko and the famous crosswalk. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of chaos. It was unconfortable, but sort of fun. I really enjoyed listening to the people talk, even if I couldn't understand everything.

09 - There were tons of restaurants that were tiny and the people ate while the busy cookers showed their job in front of you. Most of them were noodle/ramen oplaces. They had this loud machine in the door in which you ordered and then you passed the ticket to the people working there when sitting. This is the background sound of one of them: the kitchen sounds, the people eating, the machine working in the door... This is one of my fav sounds.