future me was me, in the end. Although I did left some stuff noted down in issues-md so I know what was going on. I tried to git add commit in one line by mistake so I'm leaving it for real now.
I added a new scenary to get the radio, adn something is not working in the scenario selection, but I'm tired af, that's the problem of my future self
fixing the same as before
fixing the changing stage option
added an episode content
yet fixing more stuffs, it feels better now
partially fixed yesterday mess
is a little bit messed up
implementeda way of knowing where were you
implementeda way of knowing where were you
added a new scenary and new elements for conditionals in each scenary
created an ascii ilustration of a cassette in the previous commit, forgot to mention. Not just fixed a typo
created a debug function, created episode 5, created a file for saving already visited locations, created a function for saving the episode in the cartridge
adding episode 4, adding episode template, adding dice function
fixing the saving system
adding a map selector based in position
fixing a cartrisge issue
deleting the sample cartridge