minimal self management sec
adding a command-line tool for getting temporary sms numbers
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deleting sample logs
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adding changes in command monitoring


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.




This project is a collection of scrips and notes for performing low level hardening and security as a sysadmin witout being a pro. It's meant to be used by communities with little resources but an aim of using as much open source as possible. 


While working with non technical communities I realised many of them are willing to use open source tools in accordance to their own ideas (usually self management) but they don't feel like there's an easy approach to the topic of community focused tools, as well as enough simple and easy to use security stuff. I've tried to work around this for a while manually and decided to automate some useful easy to use scripts for simple low level security on Linux based on current threats and issues that I commonly approached on these communities.

Sometimes these communities doesn't have enough power to work with complex systems or graphics (due to: sustainable power sources, shared power sources with several devices, unestable connection or power, old devices...) therefore I wanted to provide solutions as minimnal as possible, and as resilienmnt or independent as possible.