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In conclusion designing sustainable museums includes thinking about several questions further than solar panels and sustainable electric resources. It’s about asking questions, like they did, such as “What can be considered art?”, “For whom are supposed to be the museums?”, “What does sustainability means?” and, at the same time, understanding tech not as a main character in the way of art, but as a tool that can bend towards art and cultural needs depending on the situation. 

_1) This is because before playing the role play game, I made some demonstrations of alternative electronic resources and I showed them how plants can be used as a touch sensitive buttons using a couple of open electronics components._

_2) CHINCHILLA, Izaskun; La ciudad de los cuidados; ISBN 978-84-1352-087-2_

_3) PUIG PUNYET, Enric; Los cuerpos rotos; ISBN 978-84-120992-8-7_