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## How to

For malware hashing preparing:
It's recommended to use a virtual environment. Evrything works on python3.

mkdir my_virtual_space
cd my_virtual_space
source bin/activate
python malware_hash_indicator.py 
source bin/activate 
Then install all the requirements:

Follow the instructions, and then a `.stix` file will be generated using the name of the threat. Right now the creation and modification times are the same: the one second the script is executed. There's an example of a cryptominer in the example directory.
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~alienagain/Stix_stuff
pip3 intall -r requirements.txt

Then try out the hashes:

python3 from_csv/hashes.py from_csv/example_hashes.csv

or the domains:

python3 from_csv/domains.py from_csv/example_domains.csv

The files with the relationships of the example (XMRIG) will be created. Follow the docs to learn more about adding new malware and understanding the logics:

* [How to (extended)](docs/from_csv_to_stix.md)
* [Making sense of data](docs/making_sense_of_data.md)