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#RPI Ebook


This is a simple, weekend project to create an ebook using the RPI 3 and inky what e-ink screen from Pimoroni.

#How to use it

The ebook works with a RPI 3 and a inky Pimoroni screen (400x300 pixels). I based the whole code in the quoting sample from official inky python library.

In order to make the screen work, check the official documentation.

Once the inky library is set, This is how it works:

If you want to read the example2 book:

python3 code/ebook.py --colour black --book example2

When executing this, the terminal will pring debugging info while the screen will show up the first page of the book. Once it's loaded you can keep going by sending D or going to the last page sending A. Once the book is finished, the last page saying "This is the end of the book" will pop in the screen. The terminal will say "ENDING".

The main.sh code is meant to use in crontab so the script is launched based on a number chosen by the user. The idea is that when the user doesn't have a regular screen to debug, simply sending a book number will trigger that choice automatically.

Check the Wiki for further information.


Right now, I want to:

  • [x] Make a conditional in which you are in the first page, if you choose going back a page, you will end up in the same page.
  • [x] Create a pages log so it wont reset and start over each time.
  • [ ] Let the logic choose a new book when the previous one is finished, instead of turning off.