I'm an artist stident and cybersecurity expert who loves free software. Interferencias association co-founder and president.


scripting for quick TH/TI lookup


a notebook in english and spanish to save general thoughs, sketches, ideas and relevant posts which are too long to fit in a mastodon message


juego narrativo en español para una jam


art research essays and schematics


Repo de mi asignatura de arte sonoro


An art project for mapping japan using sounds, sketchs and more


MozillaFest23 presentation and resources


an rduino experiment of a minimalist console


A game which describes an alien programming panel that can be either used normally or with gestures


A simple bash-based music player for creating tunes


Stuff to automate stix documents from IoCs


notes from my honeypot project


minimal self management sec


arduino based heart rate monitoring with chibitronic and sensors


a raku based alternative to YARA for looking for malware genes on several samples

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