I'm an artist stident and cybersecurity expert who loves free software. Interferencias association co-founder and president.


SOme fictional wereables that aims to make us wonder about unfortunate futures


a very simple command-line CTI tool


scripting for quick TH/TI lookup


bot formy astronaut skull slack (cybersecurity)


My team GGJ 2024 project


art research essays and schematics


Duh, a pokedex for the linux terminal


collection of useful scripts for atmospheric data in Sierra Nevada (Granada)


notes from my honeypot project


This is a Proof of Concept of a ditital and art congress for an university project. Not a real congress (yet!)


studying assembly stuff


inky jam project with the topic "in the blink of an eye"


curso de electr├│nica para costura hecho en Workshop


Linux security info sharing


tutorial de como hacer una web ligera, en espa├▒ol

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