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3 files changed, 3964 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

A example.conf
A lacroix.go
M main.go
A example.conf => example.conf +6 -0
@@ 0,0 1,6 @@
"ConsumerKey": "abc",
"ConsumerSecret": "123",
"AccessToken": "foo",
"AccessSecret": "bar"

A lacroix.go => lacroix.go +3937 -0
@@ 0,0 1,3937 @@
package main

func flavors() []string {
	return []string{
		"Laid Back",
		"100 Grand Bar",
		"15 Bean Soup",
		"3 Musketeers ",
		"50/50 Burger",
		"98% Cocoa Stevia Bar",
		"A.1. Steak Sauce",
		"A1 Steak Sauce",
		"Acorn Squash",
		"Aerated Chocolate",
		"Afghan Biscuit",
		"Afghan Biscuits",
		"Afghan Bread",
		"Afghan Salad",
		"African Horseradish Tree",
		"African Longfin Eel",
		"African Mango",
		"African Oil Palm",
		"African Rice",
		"African Yam",
		"Afternoon Tea",
		"Agave Nectar",
		"Airline Chicken",
		"Albanian Wine",
		"Albert Sauce",
		"Alfredo Sauce",
		"Algerian Wine",
		"Alligator Meat",
		"Alligator Pepper",
		"Allington Pippin",
		"Almond Biscuit",
		"Almond Butter",
		"Almond Flour",
		"Almond Jelly",
		"Almond Joy",
		"Almond Meal",
		"Almond Milk",
		"Almond Paste",
		"Alphabet Pasta ",
		"Amber Ale",
		"Amber Moon",
		"Ambrosia ",
		"American Alligator",
		"American Bison",
		"American Cheese",
		"American Chestnut",
		"American Chop Suey",
		"American Cowslip",
		"American Fried Rice",
		"American Ginseng",
		"American Goulash",
		"American Grape",
		"American Lobster",
		"American Mayapple",
		"American Pale Ale",
		"American Pawpaw",
		"American Persimmon",
		"American Plum",
		"American Red Elderberry",
		"American Red Raspberry",
		"American Sandwich",
		"American Whiskey",
		"American Wild Ale",
		"American Wine",
		"Amish Friendship Bread",
		"Ammonia Cookie",
		"Anchovy ",
		"Anchovy Essence",
		"Angel Cake",
		"Angel Delight",
		"Angel Food Cake",
		"Angel Hair Pasta",
		"Angel Wings",
		"Angus Burger",
		"Angus Cattle",
		"Animal Cracker",
		"Animal Fat",
		"Animal Fodder",
		"Ants Climbing a Tree",
		"Apple Brown Betty",
		"Apple Butter",
		"Apple Cake",
		"Apple Chips",
		"Apple Cider",
		"Apple Cider Cookie",
		"Apple Cider Vinegar",
		"Apple Crisp",
		"Apple Day",
		"Apple Dumpling",
		"Apple Fritter",
		"Apple Jacks",
		"Apple Juice",
		"Apple Pie",
		"Apple Sauce",
		"Apple Scab",
		"Apple Seed Oil",
		"Apple Soup",
		"Apple Strudel",
		"Apple Turnover",
		"Apple Wassail",
		"Applejack ",
		"Applesauce Cake",
		"Applewood Cheese",
		"Apricot Kernel",
		"Arab Salad",
		"Arabesque Greenling",
		"Arabic Coffee",
		"Arabic Salad",
		"Arctic Roll",
		"Areca Nut",
		"Argentine Beef",
		"Argentine Wine",
		"Arizona Cheese Crisp",
		"Ark of Taste",
		"Ark Shell",
		"Armenian Cucumber",
		"Armenian Wine",
		"Arnold Palmer ",
		"Arnott's Biscuits",
		"Arnott's Shapes",
		"Aroma of Wine",
		"Aromatic Rice",
		"Aromatised Wine",
		"Arseniko Naxou",
		"Artichoke Heart",
		"Artisan Cheese",
		"Asadero Cheese",
		"Asado De Picuro",
		"Asiago Cheese",
		"Asian Carp",
		"Asian Soup",
		"Atlantic Bonito",
		"Atlantic Jackknife Clam",
		"Atlantic Mackerel",
		"Atlantic Spanish Mackerel",
		"Atlantic Surf Clam",
		"Australian Bush",
		"Australian Cashew Nut",
		"Australian Lime",
		"Australian Meat Pie",
		"Australian Outback Lime",
		"Australian Wine",
		"Austrian Wine",
		"Avocado Bread",
		"Avocado Cake",
		"Avocado Cream",
		"Avocado Oil",
		"Avocado Sauce",
		"Avocado Soup",
		"Avocado Toast",
		"Azerbaijani Wine",
		"Baba ",
		"Baba Au Rhum",
		"Baba Ganoush",
		"Baba Ghanoush",
		"Baby Bottle",
		"Baby Carrot",
		"Baby Corn",
		"Baby Food",
		"Baby Ruth",
		"Back Bacon",
		"Bacon and Cabbage",
		"Bacon and Egg Pie",
		"Bacon and Hams",
		"Bacon Bowl",
		"Bacon Cake",
		"Bacon Deluxe",
		"Bacon Explosion",
		"Bacon Grill",
		"Bacon Ice Cream",
		"Bacon Mania",
		"Bacon Martini",
		"Bacon Sandwich",
		"Bacon Soda",
		"Bacon Soup",
		"Bacon Sundae",
		"Bacon Vodka",
		"Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich",
		"Bagel Dog",
		"Bagel Toast",
		"Bai ",
		"Baidu Encyclopedia",
		"Baked Alaska",
		"Baked Apple",
		"Baked Bean Sandwich",
		"Baked Beans",
		"Baked Good",
		"Baked Milk",
		"Baked Potato",
		"Baked Ziti",
		"Bakehouse ",
		"Baker's Yeast",
		"Baking Chocolate",
		"Baking Powder",
		"Baking Soda",
		"Balsam Root",
		"Balsamic Vinegar",
		"Balsamic Vinegar of Modena",
		"Bamboo Chicken",
		"Bamboo Shoot",
		"Banana Beer",
		"Banana Blossoms",
		"Banana Boat ",
		"Banana Bread",
		"Banana Cake",
		"Banana Chip",
		"Banana Chips",
		"Banana Cream Pie",
		"Banana Cue",
		"Banana Custard",
		"Banana Equivalent Dose",
		"Banana Flour",
		"Banana Fritter",
		"Banana Ketchup",
		"Banana Leaf",
		"Banana Leaf Rice",
		"Banana Pancakes",
		"Banana Paper",
		"Banana Passionfruit",
		"Banana Pasta",
		"Banana Peel",
		"Banana Pepper",
		"Banana Plantation",
		"Banana Powder",
		"Banana Pudding",
		"Banana Roll",
		"Banana Salad",
		"Banana Sauce",
		"Banana Split",
		"Banana Sweet",
		"Banana Wine",
		"Bangers and Mash",
		"Bao Yu",
		"Barbecue Chicken",
		"Barbecue Sandwich",
		"Barbecue Sauce",
		"Barberton Chicken",
		"Barley Bread",
		"Barley Gruel",
		"Barley Honey",
		"Barley Water",
		"Barley Wine",
		"Barm Cake",
		"Barrel Barbecue",
		"Bass ",
		"Basted Egg",
		"Bath Blue",
		"Bath Bun",
		"Bath Oliver",
		"Bath, Somerset",
		"Battalia Pie",
		"Batter ",
		"Battered Sausage",
		"Battery Cage",
		"Battle of Vienna",
		"Bay Leaf",
		"Bay Lough Cheese",
		"Beach Plum",
		"Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese",
		"Bean Chips",
		"Bean Dip",
		"Bean Jam",
		"Bean Pie",
		"Bean Salad",
		"Bean Soup",
		"Bean Sprout",
		"Bean Sprouts",
		"Bean Sprouts Chicken",
		"Bear Claw ",
		"Bearnaise Sauce",
		"Beast of Bodmin",
		"Beast of Bodmin ",
		"Beaten Biscuit",
		"Beau Monde Seasoning",
		"Beaufort Cheese",
		"Beauty Berry",
		"Beaver Tail ",
		"Bee Balm",
		"Bee Tree",
		"Beef Aging",
		"Beef Ball",
		"Beef Bourguignon",
		"Beef Brain",
		"Beef Bun",
		"Beef Cattle",
		"Beef Chow Fun",
		"Beef Hormone Controversy",
		"Beef Jerky",
		"Beef Kway Teow",
		"Beef Manhattan",
		"Beef Mince",
		"Beef Noodle Soup",
		"Beef on Weck",
		"Beef Patty",
		"Beef Plate",
		"Beef Ribs",
		"Beef Ring",
		"Beef Shank",
		"Beef Steak",
		"Beef Stroganoff",
		"Beef Suet",
		"Beef Tenderloin",
		"Beef Tongue",
		"Beef Wellington",
		"Beer Bread",
		"Beer Cake",
		"Beer Cheese ",
		"Beer Cheese Soup",
		"Beer Cocktail",
		"Beer Nuts",
		"Beer Sommelier",
		"Beer Soup",
		"Beet Juice",
		"Beggar's Chicken",
		"Belgian Bun",
		"Belgian Chocolate",
		"Belgian Sauces",
		"Belgian Waffle",
		"Belgian Wine",
		"Bell Brand Snack Foods",
		"Bell Pepper",
		"Bella Badia",
		"Bellflower Apple",
		"Bellini ",
		"Bengal Gram",
		"Bengal Potatoes",
		"Bengali Language",
		"Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams",
		"Bergen Fish Soup",
		"Berger Cookie",
		"Berger Cookies",
		"Berliner ",
		"Berliner Morgenpost",
		"Berliner Weisse",
		"Bermuda Fish Chowder",
		"Better Made Potato Chips Inc.",
		"Better Than Sex Cake",
		"Betty Crocker",
		"Big Chocolate",
		"Big Classic",
		"Big D ",
		"Big Hunk",
		"Big Katsu",
		"Big King",
		"Big Mac",
		"Big N' Tasty ",
		"Big Turk",
		"Bigfin Reef Squid",
		"Bimbo Bakeries",
		"Birch Syrup",
		"Bird Egg",
		"Bird Lime Tree",
		"Bird's Custard",
		"Bird's Eye Chili",
		"Bird's Nest Soup",
		"Birthday Cake",
		"Biscotti Regina",
		"Biscuit ",
		"Biscuit Roll",
		"Biscuit Rose De Reims",
		"Biscuit Tortoni",
		"Biscuits and Gravy",
		"Bisque ",
		"Bitter ",
		"Bitter Lemon",
		"Bitter Melon",
		"Bitter Orange",
		"Bittering Agent",
		"Bixa Orellana",
		"Bizcocho Dominicano",
		"Black and Tan",
		"Black and White Cookie",
		"Black Black",
		"Black Bottom Pie",
		"Black Bun",
		"Black Cake",
		"Black Cardamom",
		"Black Cherry",
		"Black Currants",
		"Black Eyed Beans",
		"Black Forest",
		"Black Forest Cake",
		"Black Forest Gateau",
		"Black Forest Ham",
		"Black Friday ",
		"Black Garlic ",
		"Black Gram",
		"Black Iberian Pig",
		"Black Kashk",
		"Black Lime",
		"Black Maple",
		"Black Mulberry",
		"Black Mustard",
		"Black Noodles",
		"Black Olive",
		"Black Peas",
		"Black Pepper",
		"Black Pepper Crab",
		"Black Peppercorn",
		"Black Pudding",
		"Black Raspberry",
		"Black Rice",
		"Black Russian",
		"Black Salsify",
		"Black Sapote",
		"Black Scabbardfish",
		"Black Sea",
		"Black Sea Region",
		"Black Sesame",
		"Black Sesame Roll",
		"Black Sesame Soup",
		"Black Tea",
		"Black Thunder ",
		"Black Turtle Bean",
		"Black Velvet ",
		"Black Vinegar",
		"Black Walnut",
		"Black-Eyed Bean",
		"Black-Eyed Pea",
		"Blackberry Pie",
		"Blackout Cake",
		"Bladder Fern",
		"Bladder Senna",
		"Blade Steak",
		"Blair's Sauces and Snacks",
		"Blended Soup",
		"Blood Cockle",
		"Blood Lily",
		"Blood Lime",
		"Blood Orange",
		"Blood Sausage",
		"Blood Soup",
		"Bloodhound ",
		"Bloody Mary ",
		"Blooming Onion",
		"BLT Cocktail",
		"BLT Sandwich",
		"Blue Cake",
		"Blue Cheese",
		"Blue Cheese Dressing",
		"Blue Corn",
		"Blue Draws",
		"Blue Hawaii ",
		"Blue Lagoon ",
		"Blue Mackerel",
		"Blue Marble Jack Cheese",
		"Blue Monday ",
		"Blue Mussel",
		"Blue Ox Jerky",
		"Blue Rathgore",
		"Blue Serpent Clock Egg",
		"Blue Stilton",
		"Blue-Backed Fish",
		"Blue-Plate Special",
		"Blueback Herring",
		"Bluebell Falls",
		"Bluebell Falls Cheese",
		"Blueberry Pie",
		"Blueberry Sauce",
		"Bluefin Tuna",
		"Bn Biscuit",
		"Boar's Head Feast",
		"Boat Noodles",
		"Bob Andy Pie",
		"Bob Chorba",
		"Bob's Red Mill",
		"Boca Burger",
		"Boesenbergia Rotunda",
		"Bog Butter",
		"Boiled Beef",
		"Boiled Custard",
		"Boiled Egg",
		"Boiled Greens",
		"Boiled Peanuts",
		"Boiled Potato",
		"Boiled Rice",
		"Boilermaker ",
		"Bok Choi",
		"Bok Choy",
		"Bologna Sandwich",
		"Bologna Sausage",
		"Bolognese Sauce",
		"Bombay Duck",
		"Bombay Mix",
		"Bombay Potatoes",
		"Bombil Fry",
		"Bone Marrow",
		"Bookbinder Soup",
		"Booyah ",
		"Bordeaux Wine",
		"Bordelaise Sauce",
		"Boston Baked Beans",
		"Boston Bun",
		"Boston Butt",
		"Boston Cream Doughnut",
		"Boston Cream Pie",
		"Bottle Palm",
		"Bottom Sirloin",
		"Bourbon ",
		"Bourbon Ball",
		"Bourbon Biscuit",
		"Bourbon Chicken",
		"Bourbon Lancer",
		"Bourbon Whiskey",
		"Bow Wow Sauce",
		"Bra Cheese",
		"Bra d'Alpeggio",
		"Bra Duro",
		"Bra Tenero",
		"Braided Cheese",
		"Brand Name",
		"Brandy Butter",
		"Brandy Daisy",
		"Brandy De Jerez",
		"Brandy Snaps",
		"Brandy Sour ",
		"Brass Monkey ",
		"Brazil Nut",
		"Brazil Nut Cake",
		"Brazilian Cherry",
		"Brazilian Grape Tree",
		"Brazilian Guava",
		"Brazilian Pepper",
		"Brazilian Portuguese",
		"Brazilian Wine",
		"Bread and Butter Pudding",
		"Bread Bowl",
		"Bread Crumb",
		"Bread Crumbs",
		"Bread Flour",
		"Bread Machine",
		"Bread Pakora",
		"Bread Pan",
		"Bread Pudding",
		"Bread Roll",
		"Bread Rolls",
		"Bread Sauce",
		"Bread Soup",
		"Breaded Cutlet",
		"Breads of Finland",
		"Breakaway ",
		"Breakfast Burrito",
		"Breakfast Cereal",
		"Breakfast Foods",
		"Breakfast Roll",
		"Breakfast Sandwich",
		"Breakfast Sausage",
		"Breakfast Taco",
		"Brewed Coffee",
		"Brick Cheese",
		"Brie ",
		"Brie Cheese",
		"Brie De Meaux",
		"Brie De Melun",
		"Brined Cheese",
		"British Rail Sandwich",
		"Broad Bean",
		"Broad Beans",
		"Broadleaf Arrowhead",
		"Broccoli Cheese Soup",
		"Broccoli Slaw",
		"Broccoli Sprouts",
		"Broken Rice",
		"Brown Ale",
		"Brown and Haley",
		"Brown Betty ",
		"Brown Bobby",
		"Brown Bread",
		"Brown Gravy",
		"Brown Rice",
		"Brown Sauce",
		"Brown Snout",
		"Brown Stew Chicken",
		"Brown Sugar",
		"Brown Windsor Soup",
		"Brownie Brittle",
		"Bruce Foods",
		"Brunswick Mum",
		"Brunswick Stew",
		"Brussels Cheese",
		"Brussels Sprout",
		"Brussels Sprouts",
		"Bubble and Squeak",
		"Bubble Gum",
		"Buck's Fizz ",
		"Buckwheat Gateau",
		"Buckwheat Pancake",
		"Buckwheat Whisky",
		"Buddha's Delight",
		"Buddha's Hand",
		"Buffalo Burger",
		"Buffalo Curd",
		"Buffalo Milk",
		"Buffalo Mozzarella",
		"Buffalo Rock",
		"Buffalo Sauce",
		"Buffalo Wing",
		"Buffalo Wings",
		"Builder's Tea",
		"Bulgarian Wine",
		"Bulgarian Yogurt",
		"Bulk Confectionery",
		"Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce",
		"Bumbleberry Pie",
		"Bun Bars",
		"Bundt Cake",
		"Bunny Chow",
		"Burger Bun",
		"Burger King",
		"Burgundy ",
		"Burgundy Wine",
		"Burmese Grape",
		"Burmese Tofu",
		"Burrawang Nut",
		"Bush Bread",
		"Bush Clover",
		"Butter Braid",
		"Butter Cake",
		"Butter Chicken",
		"Butter Churn",
		"Butter Clams",
		"Butter Cookie",
		"Butter Cookies",
		"Butter Cream",
		"Butter Curler",
		"Butter Knife",
		"Butter Lamb",
		"Butter Lamp",
		"Butter Pecan",
		"Butter Pie",
		"Butter Rice",
		"Butter Salt",
		"Butter Tart",
		"Butter Tea",
		"Butterfly Cake",
		"Butterfly Orchid",
		"Buttermilk Pie",
		"Butternut Squash",
		"Butternut Tree",
		"Cabbage Patch Kids",
		"Cabbage Roll",
		"Cabbage Soup",
		"Cabbage Stew",
		"Cabbie Claw",
		"Cabernet Franc",
		"Cabernet Sauvignon",
		"Cabinet Pudding",
		"Cabot Creamery",
		"Cabrales Cheese",
		"Cabrito Con Frijoles",
		"Caccavelle Alla Sorrentina",
		"Caciottina Di Bufala Di Amaseno Aromatizzata",
		"Cactus Fries",
		"Cadbury Adams",
		"Cadbury Caramilk",
		"Cadbury Dairy Milk",
		"Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar",
		"Cadbury PLC",
		"Cadbury Spira",
		"Cadbury Tempo",
		"Caesar ",
		"Caesar Salad",
		"Cafe Mocha",
		"Caffeic Acid",
		"Caffeinated Beverage",
		"Caffeinated Drink",
		"Cahill's Farm Cheese",
		"Cake Balls",
		"Cake Decorating",
		"Cake Flour",
		"Cake Pop",
		"Calcium Citrate",
		"Calcium Oxide",
		"Calcium Propanoate",
		"Caldo De Queso",
		"Caldo Verde",
		"Calenberger Pfannenschlag",
		"Calf's Liver and Bacon",
		"California Cheese Maki",
		"California Gold Rush",
		"California Mussel",
		"California Poppy",
		"California Roll",
		"California Spiny Lobster",
		"California Wine",
		"California-Style Pizza",
		"Calrose Rice",
		"Camel Meat",
		"Camel Milk",
		"Camu Camu",
		"Canadian Whisky",
		"Canadian White",
		"Canadian Wine",
		"Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes",
		"Canary Melon",
		"Candied Fruit",
		"Candied Peel",
		"Candle Salad",
		"Candlenut Tree",
		"Candy Apple",
		"Candy Bar",
		"Candy Bouquet",
		"Candy Buttons",
		"Candy Cane",
		"Candy Canes",
		"Candy Cigarette",
		"Candy Corn",
		"Candy Pumpkin",
		"Candy Raisins",
		"Candy Store",
		"Cane Sugar",
		"Cannabis ",
		"Canned Fish",
		"Canned Fruit",
		"Canned Soup",
		"Canned Tomato",
		"Cantaloupe Pie",
		"Cantonese Salted Fish",
		"Cantonese Seafood Soup",
		"Cap'n Crunch",
		"Cape Cod",
		"Cape Verde",
		"Caprese Salad",
		"Caprino Al Pepe Di Bagnolo",
		"Caprino Cheese",
		"Caprino Francese",
		"Captain's Wafers",
		"Caramel Apple",
		"Caramel Cake",
		"Caramel Corn",
		"Caramel Custard",
		"Caramel Sauce",
		"Caramel Shortbread",
		"Caramel Tart",
		"Caramelized Onion",
		"Caraway Seed Cake",
		"Carbon Dioxide",
		"Carbonated Water",
		"Caribbean Lobster",
		"Carob Bean",
		"Carolina Reaper",
		"Carp Soup",
		"Carpetbag Steak",
		"Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese",
		"Carrot Bread",
		"Carrot Cake",
		"Carrot Cake Cookie",
		"Carrot Chips",
		"Carrot Juice",
		"Carrot Pudding",
		"Carrot Raisin Salad",
		"Carrot Salad",
		"Carrot Seed Oil",
		"Carrot Soup",
		"Cashew Apple",
		"Cashew Butter",
		"Cashew Chicken",
		"Cashew Fruit",
		"Cashew Nut",
		"Cashew Pie",
		"Cassava Root",
		"Cat Guts",
		"Cat Meat",
		"Cat's Tongue Cookie",
		"Catalan Wine",
		"Catfish Stew",
		"Cauliflower Cheese",
		"Cayenne Cherry",
		"Cayenne Pepper",
		"Celery Powder",
		"Celery Salt",
		"Celery Victor",
		"Cellophane Noodles",
		"Cephalopod Egg Fossil",
		"Cereal Germ",
		"Cereal Grain",
		"Cha Gio",
		"Cha Mongkut",
		"Cha Siu Baau",
		"Cha Siu Bao",
		"Chafing Dish",
		"Chai Tow Kway",
		"Chamois d'Or",
		"Champagne Breakfast",
		"Champagne Cocktail",
		"Champagne Cola",
		"Champagne Crab",
		"Chao Hong Guo",
		"Chaource Cheese",
		"Chaozhou Fun Guo",
		"Chapli Kebab",
		"Charcoal Biscuit",
		"Charcoal Lighter Fluid",
		"Charleston Red Rice",
		"Chartreuse ",
		"Cheddar Cheese",
		"Cheddar Sauce",
		"Cheese Analogue",
		"Cheese and Pickle Sandwich",
		"Cheese and Tomato Sandwich",
		"Cheese Bun",
		"Cheese Curd",
		"Cheese Dog",
		"Cheese Dream",
		"Cheese Fries",
		"Cheese Maki",
		"Cheese Mites",
		"Cheese Nips",
		"Cheese on Toast",
		"Cheese Pie",
		"Cheese Pudding",
		"Cheese Puff",
		"Cheese Roll",
		"Cheese Sandwich",
		"Cheese Slaw",
		"Cheese Soup",
		"Cheese Steak",
		"Cheese Straw",
		"Cheese Toastie",
		"Cheeseburger Soup",
		"Cheesecake Brownies",
		"Cheez Doodles",
		"Cheez Whiz",
		"Chef Salad",
		"Cherries Jubilee",
		"Cherry Blossom",
		"Cherry Cake",
		"Cherry Cola",
		"Cherry Humps",
		"Cherry Orange",
		"Cherry Pie",
		"Cherry Plum",
		"Cherry Ripe ",
		"Cherry Tomato",
		"Cheshire Cheese",
		"Chess Pie",
		"Chestnut Cake",
		"Chestnut Pie",
		"Chewing Gum",
		"Chex Mix",
		"Chicago Butter and Egg Board",
		"Chicago-Style Hot Dog",
		"Chicago-Style Pizza",
		"Chicago-Style Relish",
		"Chick Culling",
		"Chick Pea",
		"Chicken ",
		"Chicken and Duck Blood Soup",
		"Chicken and Dumplings",
		"Chicken and Mushroom Pie",
		"Chicken and Waffles",
		"Chicken Broth",
		"Chicken Curry",
		"Chicken Dinner",
		"Chicken Egg",
		"Chicken Feet",
		"Chicken Fingers",
		"Chicken Foot Soup",
		"Chicken French",
		"Chicken Fried Bacon",
		"Chicken Fried Steak",
		"Chicken Fries",
		"Chicken Lollipop",
		"Chicken Long Rice",
		"Chicken Noodle Soup",
		"Chicken Nugget",
		"Chicken Parmesan",
		"Chicken Pie",
		"Chicken Salad",
		"Chicken Sandwich",
		"Chicken Soup",
		"Chicken Stock",
		"Chicken Wing",
		"Chicken Wings",
		"Chickpea Bread",
		"Chickpea Flour",
		"Chickpea Noghl",
		"Chickpea Salad Sandwich",
		"Chile Con Queso",
		"Chile Pepper",
		"Chile Peppers",
		"Chile Powder",
		"Chili Burger",
		"Chili Con Carne",
		"Chili Con Queso",
		"Chili Dog",
		"Chili Mac",
		"Chili Oil",
		"Chili Pepper",
		"Chili Peppers",
		"Chili Powder",
		"Chili Sauce",
		"Chilli Chicken",
		"Chilli Crab",
		"Chilli Pepper",
		"Chilli Sauce",
		"Chilli Soy Lime",
		"Chin Chin",
		"Chinese Artichoke",
		"Chinese Bakery Products",
		"Chinese Bellflower",
		"Chinese Cabbage",
		"Chinese Celery",
		"Chinese Chicken Salad",
		"Chinese Chives",
		"Chinese Food",
		"Chinese Fried Rice",
		"Chinese Indonesian Dish",
		"Chinese Mud Carp",
		"Chinese Noodle",
		"Chinese Okra",
		"Chinese Pancake",
		"Chinese Pickles",
		"Chinese Pie",
		"Chinese Sausage",
		"Chinese Spoon",
		"Chinese Steamed Eggs",
		"Chinese Sticky Rice",
		"Chinese Tea",
		"Chinese Yam",
		"Chipped Beef",
		"Chips and Dip",
		"Chocodile Twinkie",
		"Chocolate Balls",
		"Chocolate Bar",
		"Chocolate Biscuit",
		"Chocolate Biscuit Pudding",
		"Chocolate Bloom",
		"Chocolate Brownie",
		"Chocolate Cake",
		"Chocolate Chip",
		"Chocolate Chip Cookie",
		"Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream",
		"Chocolate Chip Cookies",
		"Chocolate Chips",
		"Chocolate Coin",
		"Chocolate Covered Bacon",
		"Chocolate Covered Cherry",
		"Chocolate Covered Fruit",
		"Chocolate Crackles",
		"Chocolate Donutz",
		"Chocolate Fountain",
		"Chocolate Gravy",
		"Chocolate Ice Cream",
		"Chocolate Liqueur",
		"Chocolate Liquor",
		"Chocolate Marshmallow Pie",
		"Chocolate Milk",
		"Chocolate Mousse",
		"Chocolate Pudding",
		"Chocolate Salami",
		"Chocolate Sandwich",
		"Chocolate Sauce",
		"Chocolate Spread",
		"Chocolate Syrup",
		"Chocolate Tart",
		"Chocolate Truffle",
		"Chocolate-Coated Marshmallow Treats",
		"Chocolate-Coated Peanut",
		"Chocolate-Covered Almonds",
		"Chocolate-Covered Bacon",
		"Chocolate-Covered Coffee Bean",
		"Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips",
		"Chocolate-Covered Prune",
		"Chocolate-Covered Raisin",
		"Chopped Liver",
		"Chow Mein",
		"Chow Mein Sandwich",
		"Chow-Chow ",
		"Christmas Cake",
		"Christmas Card",
		"Christmas Cookie",
		"Christmas Cookies",
		"Christmas Cracker",
		"Christmas Dinner",
		"Christmas Ham",
		"Christmas Pudding",
		"Christmas Pyramid",
		"Christmas Wafer",
		"Cider Apple",
		"Cider Doughnut",
		"Cinnamon Bun",
		"Cinnamon Roll",
		"Cinnamon Rolls",
		"Cinnamon Sticks",
		"Cinnamon Sugar",
		"Cinnamon Toast Crunch",
		"Citric Acid",
		"Citrus Fruit",
		"Clam Cake",
		"Clam Chowder",
		"Clam Dip",
		"Clam Juice",
		"Clam Sauce",
		"Clams Casino",
		"Clementine Cake",
		"Clif Bar",
		"Clover Leaf ",
		"Cloverleaf Roll",
		"Club Crackers",
		"Club Sandwich",
		"Cobb Salad",
		"Cobbler ",
		"Coca ",
		"Coca Cola",
		"Coca Tea",
		"Cocktail Bun",
		"Cocktail Glass",
		"Cocktail Onion",
		"Cocktail Sauce",
		"Coco Bread",
		"Cocoa Bean",
		"Cocoa Butter",
		"Cocoa Krispies",
		"Cocoa Powder",
		"Cocoa Puffs",
		"Cocoa Tree",
		"Coconut Bar",
		"Coconut Bread Pudding",
		"Coconut Bread, Bake and Cakes",
		"Coconut Butter",
		"Coconut Cake",
		"Coconut Candy",
		"Coconut Cream",
		"Coconut Cream Pie",
		"Coconut Custard",
		"Coconut Doughnut",
		"Coconut Drop",
		"Coconut Ice",
		"Coconut Ice Cream",
		"Coconut Jam",
		"Coconut Macaroon",
		"Coconut Milk",
		"Coconut Milk Powder",
		"Coconut Oil",
		"Coconut Shrimp",
		"Coconut Soup",
		"Coconut Sugar",
		"Coconut Water",
		"Cod ",
		"Cod Liver Oil",
		"Coddled Egg",
		"Coffee and Doughnuts",
		"Coffee Bean",
		"Coffee Cabinet",
		"Coffee Cake",
		"Coffee Crisp",
		"Coffee Jelly",
		"Coffee Milk",
		"Coffee Syrup",
		"Cognac ",
		"Cola Nut",
		"Cola Wars",
		"Colby Cheese",
		"Colby-Jack Cheese",
		"Cold Borscht",
		"Cold Brew Coffee",
		"Cole Slaw",
		"Collard Greens",
		"Combat Ration One Man",
		"Comfort Food",
		"Common Agricultural Policy",
		"Common Bean",
		"Common Beans",
		"Common Cold",
		"Common Daisy",
		"Common Era",
		"Common Fig",
		"Common Ling",
		"Common Octopus",
		"Common Periwinkle",
		"Common Pheasant",
		"Common Purslane",
		"Common Quail",
		"Common Sage",
		"Common Snakehead",
		"Concord Grape",
		"Condensed Milk",
		"Coney Island Hot Dog",
		"Confectioner's Sugar",
		"Convenience Food",
		"Conversation Tart",
		"Conveyor Belt Sushi",
		"Cooked Rice",
		"Cookie Bouquet",
		"Cookie Butter",
		"Cookie Cake Pie",
		"Cookie Crisp",
		"Cookie Dough",
		"Cookie Sandwich",
		"Cookies and Cream",
		"Cooking Apple",
		"Cooking Apples",
		"Cooking Banana",
		"Cooking Base",
		"Cooking Oil",
		"Cool Whip",
		"Corn Beer",
		"Corn Burrito",
		"Corn Chip",
		"Corn Dog",
		"Corn Flakes",
		"Corn Fritter",
		"Corn Kernel",
		"Corn Meal",
		"Corn Muffin",
		"Corn N' Oil",
		"Corn Nut",
		"Corn Oil",
		"Corn Salad",
		"Corn Soup",
		"Corn Starch",
		"Corn Stew",
		"Corn Syrup",
		"Corn Tortilla",
		"Corned Beef",
		"Corned Beef Hash",
		"Corned Beef Pie",
		"Corned Beef Sandwich",
		"Cornish Game Hen",
		"Cornmeal Pudding",
		"Cosmic Brownies",
		"Cosmopolitan ",
		"Cottage Cheese",
		"Cottage Double",
		"Cottage Loaf",
		"Cottage Pie",
		"Cottage Pudding",
		"Cotton Candy",
		"Cottonseed Oil",
		"Cougar Gold Cheese",
		"Cow's Milk",
		"Cow's Trotters",
		"Cowboy Beans",
		"Cowgirl Creamery",
		"Crab Boil",
		"Crab Cake",
		"Crab Cake Sandwich",
		"Crab Ice Cream",
		"Crab Meat",
		"Crab Puff",
		"Crab Rangoon",
		"Cracker ",
		"Cracker Jack",
		"Cracker Nuts",
		"Cranberry Sauce",
		"Crawfish Pie",
		"Cream Ale",
		"Cream Cheese",
		"Cream Cracker",
		"Cream Horn",
		"Cream of Asparagus",
		"Cream of Broccoli",
		"Cream of Mushroom Soup",
		"Cream of Wheat",
		"Cream Pie",
		"Cream Soda",
		"Cream Stew",
		"Cream Tea",
		"Creamed Coconut",
		"Creamed Corn",
		"Creamed Eggs on Toast",
		"Creole Cream Cheese",
		"Creole Cream Cheese Ice Cream",
		"Creosote Bush",
		"Crisp Bread",
		"Crisp Sandwich",
		"Crisped Rice",
		"Crispy Critters",
		"Crispy Fried Chicken",
		"Crispy Pancakes ",
		"Crocodile Farming",
		"Crunchy Nut Cornflakes",
		"Crushed Red Pepper",
		"Crystal Cake",
		"Cuba Cheese",
		"Cuban Bread",
		"Cuban Espresso",
		"Cuban Lunch",
		"Cuban Oregano",
		"Cuban Pastry",
		"Cuban Sandwich",
		"Cube Steak",
		"Cucumber Cake",
		"Cucumber Sandwich",
		"Cucumber Soup",
		"Cup Noodles",
		"Curd Cheese",
		"Curing ",
		"Curing Salt",
		"Curly Fries",
		"Curry Beef Triangle",
		"Curry Bread",
		"Curry Goat",
		"Curry Ketchup",
		"Curry Leaves",
		"Curry Mee",
		"Curry Pie",
		"Curry Powder",
		"Curry Puff",
		"Curry Tree",
		"Custard Apple",
		"Custard Cream",
		"Custard Pie",
		"Custard Tart",
		"Dagwood Sandwich",
		"Dairy Farming",
		"Dairy Mix",
		"Danish Bacon",
		"Danish Wine",
		"Dark Chocolate",
		"Date Plum",
		"Date Shake",
		"Deep Fried Oreo",
		"Deep-Fried Avocado",
		"Deep-Fried Butter",
		"Deep-Fried Mars Bar",
		"Deep-Fried Peanuts",
		"Deep-Fried Pizza",
		"Deer Mouse",
		"Depression Cake",
		"Devil's Food Cake",
		"Deviled Crab",
		"Deviled Egg",
		"Deviled Eggs",
		"Diet Drink",
		"Dietary Fiber",
		"Dijon Mustard",
		"Dill Pickle",
		"Dill Seed",
		"Dill Weed",
		"Dim Sum",
		"Dinosaur Egg",
		"Dippin' Dots",
		"Dipping Sauce",
		"Dirt Cake",
		"Don Chow Tacos",
		"Don Tacos",
		"Donkey Burger",
		"Donkey Meat",
		"Donkey's Milk",
		"Doughnut Hole",
		"Dr Pepper",
		"Dragon Beard Noodles",
		"Dragon Tiger Phoenix",
		"Dream ",
		"Dried and Salted Cod",
		"Dried Apple",
		"Dried Apricot",
		"Dried Beef",
		"Dried Cherry",
		"Dried Cranberry",
		"Dried Cuttlefish",
		"Dried Fish",
		"Dried Food",
		"Dried Fruit",
		"Dried Fruits",
		"Dried Lime",
		"Dried Meat",
		"Dried Shredded Squid",
		"Dried Shrimp",
		"Dripping Cake",
		"Drumstick ",
		"Drunken Chicken",
		"Drunken Noodle",
		"Drunken Noodles",
		"Drunken Prawn",
		"Drunken Shrimp",
		"Dry Jack Cheese",
		"Dry Meatballs",
		"Dry Roasting",
		"Dry-Cured Ham",
		"Duck ",
		"Duck Blood and Vermicelli Soup",
		"Duck Egg",
		"Duck Rice",
		"Duck Sauce",
		"Duck Soup Noodles",
		"Dulce De Leche",
		"Dunkin' Donuts",
		"Durian Jam",
		"Dutch Loaf",
		"Dutch Pie",
		"e.l. Fudge",
		"e.l. Fudge Cookies",
		"Easter Biscuit",
		"Easter Bread",
		"Easter Egg",
		"Edible Seaweed",
		"Egg ",
		"Egg Curry",
		"Egg Custard",
		"Egg Drop Soup",
		"Egg Noodle",
		"Egg Plant",
		"Egg Roll",
		"Egg Sandwich",
		"Egg Tart",
		"Egg Tossing ",
		"Egg Waffle",
		"Egg White",
		"Egg Yolk",
		"Eggplant Omellete",
		"Eggplant Papucaki",
		"Eggplant Parmesan",
		"Eggs Benedict",
		"Egyptian Wine",
		"El Toro Loco",
		"Elbow Macaroni",
		"Energy Bar",
		"Energy Drink",
		"English Muffin",
		"Erotic Cake",
		"Espresso Rub",
		"Essential Oil",
		"Evaporated Milk",
		"Eve's Pudding",
		"Evening Primrose",
		"Ewe's Milk",
		"Exmoor Blue Cheese",
		"Extra Virgin Olive Oil",
		"Fast Food",
		"Fennel With Lamb",
		"Fermentation ",
		"Fermented Bean Curd",
		"Fermented Bean Paste",
		"Fermented Beverage",
		"Fermented Fish",
		"Fermented Milk",
		"Fermented Rice",
		"Feta Cheese",
		"Fettuccine Alfredo",
		"Fig Cake",
		"Fig Newton",
		"Fillet ",
		"Finger Food",
		"Finger Lime",
		"Fish ",
		"Fish and Chip",
		"Fish Cracker",
		"Fish Farm",
		"Fish Fillet",
		"Fish Finger Sandwich",
		"Fish Head",
		"Fish Head Casserole",
		"Fish Head Curry",
		"Fish Oil",
		"Fish Paste",
		"Fish Pie",
		"Fish Sauce",
		"Fish Soup",
		"Fish Steak",
		"Fish Stew",
		"Fish Stock ",
		"Fish Taco",
		"Fish Tea",
		"Fisherman's Soup",
		"Five Spice",
		"Five Spice Powder",
		"Five Star Caramel",
		"Five Star Hazelnut",
		"Five Star Peanut",
		"Five-Spice Powder",
		"Fix ",
		"Fizzy Apple Cocktail",
		"Flake ",
		"Flaky Pastry",
		"Flameless Ration Heater",
		"Flaming Beverage",
		"Flaming Doctor Pepper",
		"Flaming Volcano",
		"Flapjack ",
		"Flour Confections",
		"Flour Tortilla",
		"Foam Cake",
		"Foie Gras",
		"Fortified Oat Flakes",
		"Fortified Wine",
		"Fortune Cookie",
		"Fountain Cake",
		"Free-Range Eggs",
		"Freedom Fries",
		"Freeze-Dried Ice Cream",
		"French Bread",
		"French Dip",
		"French Dip Sandwich",
		"French Dressing",
		"French Fries",
		"French Onion Soup",
		"French Roll",
		"French Toast",
		"French Toast Crunch",
		"French Wine",
		"Fresh Water",
		"Freshwater Snail",
		"Freshwater Whitefish",
		"Fried Banana",
		"Fried Bread",
		"Fried Cauliflower",
		"Fried Cheese",
		"Fried Cheese Curds",
		"Fried Chicken",
		"Fried Clams",
		"Fried Coke",
		"Fried Dough",
		"Fried Dough Food",
		"Fried Dough Foods",
		"Fried Egg",
		"Fried Eggplant",
		"Fried Fish",
		"Fried Green Tomatoes",
		"Fried Green Tomatoes ",
		"Fried Ice Cream",
		"Fried Mashed Potato Doughnut",
		"Fried Mushrooms",
		"Fried Noodles",
		"Fried Onion",
		"Fried Pickle",
		"Fried Pie",
		"Fried Pies",
		"Fried Plantain",
		"Fried Prawn",
		"Fried Rice",
		"Fried Rice Cake",
		"Fried Sweet Potato",
		"Fried Tofu",
		"Fried-Brain Sandwich",
		"Frijoles Negros",
		"Frijoles Pintos",
		"Frijoles Puercos",
		"Frito Pie",
		"Fritter Roll",
		"Friuli-Venezia Giulia Wine",
		"Frog Cake",
		"Frog Legs",
		"Frog Run ",
		"Frogeye Salad",
		"Frogmore Stew",
		"Fromage Blanc",
		"Fromage Fort",
		"Fromage Frais",
		"Fromager d'Affinois",
		"Froot Loops",
		"Frosted Flakes",
		"Frosted Mini-Wheats",
		"Frozen Banana",
		"Frozen Carbonated Beverage",
		"Frozen Custard",
		"Frozen Dessert",
		"Frozen Food",
		"Frozen Noodles",
		"Frozen Yogurt",
		"Fruit Bun",
		"Fruit Butter",
		"Fruit Cake",
		"Fruit Cocktail",
		"Fruit Curd",
		"Fruit Fool",
		"Fruit Gushers",
		"Fruit Hat ",
		"Fruit Juice",
		"Fruit Ketchup",
		"Fruit Peel",
		"Fruit Preserves",
		"Fruit Pudding",
		"Fruit Roll-Ups",
		"Fruit Salad",
		"Fruit Snack",
		"Fruit Soup",
		"Fruit Sours",
		"Fruit Syrup",
		"Fry ",
		"Fry Sauce",
		"Fudge ",
		"Fudge Cake",
		"Fudge Cookie",
		"Fudge Doughnut",
		"Full English Breakfast",
		"Funeral Potatoes",
		"Funing Big Cake",
		"Funnel Cake",
		"Game Pie",
		"Garbanzo Bean",
		"Garden Salad",
		"Garden Strawberry",
		"Garlic Bread",
		"Garlic Butter",
		"Garlic Chives",
		"Garlic Chutney",
		"Garlic Knot",
		"Garlic Powder",
		"Garlic Press",
		"Garlic Salt",
		"Garlic Soup",
		"Garnish ",
		"Gelatin Dessert",
		"German Chocolate Cake",
		"German Fries",
		"Ghandi Bread",
		"Giant Clam",
		"Giant Snakehead",
		"Gin and Tonic",
		"Gin Sour",
		"Ginger Ale",
		"Ginger Beef",
		"Ginger Beer",
		"Ginger Biscuits",
		"Ginger Bread",
		"Ginger Dressing",
		"Ginger Gold",
		"Ginger Milk Curd",
		"Ginger Nut",
		"Ginger Pickle",
		"Ginger Tea",
		"Gingerbread House",
		"Gingerbread Man",
		"Glass Noodle",
		"Glaze ",
		"Glazed Doughnuts",
		"Glazed Ham",
		"Globe Artichoke",
		"Go Vegan",
		"Goat Cheese",
		"Goat Milk",
		"Goat Milk Cheese",
		"Goat's Milk",
		"Golden Apple",
		"Golden Oaties",
		"Golden Opulence Sundae",
		"Golden Orange ",
		"Goober Peas",
		"Gooey Butter Cake",
		"Gouda ",
		"Gouda Cheese",
		"Graham Cracker",
		"Graham Flour",
		"Granny Smith",
		"Granola Bar",
		"Grape Hyacinth",
		"Grape Juice",
		"Grape Pie",
		"Grape Soft Drink",
		"Grapefruit Juice",
		"Greek Salad",
		"Greek Yogurt",
		"Green Bean",
		"Green Bean Casserole",
		"Green Chile",
		"Green Curry",
		"Green Leafy Vegetable",
		"Green Olive",
		"Green Onion Pancake",
		"Green Pea",
		"Green Tea",
		"Green Tea Ice Cream",
		"Grilled Cheese",
		"Grilled Chicken",
		"Grit ",
		"Grits and Grillades",
		"Ground Beef",
		"Ground Biscuit",
		"Ground Cherry",
		"Ground Meat",
		"Ground Nut Soup",
		"Ground Plum",
		"Ground Stone",
		"Ground-Plum Milk-Vetch",
		"Guava Jelly",
		"Gum Tree",
		"Gummi Bear",
		"Gummy Bear",
		"Gyro ",
		"Half and Half",
		"Halloween Cake",
		"Ham ",
		"Ham and Cheese Sandwich",
		"Ham and Egg Bun",
		"Ham and Eggs",
		"Ham Sandwich",
		"Hamburger Bun",
		"Hamburger Helper",
		"Hamburger Steak",
		"Hard Boiled Egg",
		"Hard Candies",
		"Hard Candy",
		"Hard Clam",
		"Hard Dough Bread",
		"Hard Soda",
		"Hard Tack",
		"Hard-Boiled Egg",
		"Hash ",
		"Hash Brown",
		"Hash Brownies",
		"Head Cheese",
		"Health Food",
		"Healthy Diet",
		"Heavy Cake",
		"Heavy Cream",
		"Heinz 57",
		"Heirloom Plant",
		"Hemp Seed",
		"Herbal Tea",
		"Hershey Almond Toffee Bar",
		"Hershey Bar",
		"Hershey Bar With Almonds",
		"Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme",
		"Hershey's Creamy Caramel",
		"Hershey's Drops",
		"Hershey's Kisses",
		"Hershey's S'mores",
		"Hershey's Special Dark",
		"Hickory Nut",
		"High Fructose Corn Syrup",
		"High Maltose Corn Syrup",
		"Himalayan Salt",
		"Ho Hos",
		"Hoagie Roll",
		"Hog ",
		"Hog's Pudding",
		"Home Fries",
		"Home Roasting Coffee",
		"Honey Bun",
		"Honey Bunches of Oats",
		"Honey Bunny",
		"Honey Crisps",
		"Honey Dill",
		"Honey Garlic Sauce",
		"Honey Locust",
		"Honey Maid",
		"Honey Mustard",
		"Honey Nut Cheerios",
		"Honey Nut Clusters",
		"Honey Puffs",
		"Honey Smacks",
		"Honeycomb ",
		"Honeycomb Strawberry",
		"Honeydew ",
		"Honeydew Melon",
		"Honeysuckle Gelato",
		"Honeywell Cereals",
		"Hong Kong Street Food",
		"Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea",
		"Hooah! Bar",
		"Hostess Cupcake",
		"Hot Brown",
		"Hot Buttered Rum ",
		"Hot Chicken",
		"Hot Chicken Sandwich",
		"Hot Chocolate",
		"Hot Cross Bun",
		"Hot Dog",
		"Hot Dog Bun",
		"Hot Dogs",
		"Hot Fudge",
		"Hot Link ",
		"Hot Milk Cake",
		"Hot Mustard",
		"Hot Pockets",
		"Hot Sauce",
		"Hot Turkey",
		"Hot Water Corn Bread",
		"Hot Water Crust Pastry",
		"Hot Wiener",
		"Hotdog Bun",
		"Huckleberry ",
		"Huevos a La Mexicana",
		"Huevos Rancheros",
		"Hummingbird Cake",
		"Ice Beer",
		"Ice Cider",
		"Ice Coffee",
		"Ice Cream",
		"Ice Cream Bar",
		"Ice Cream Bean",
		"Ice Cream Cake",
		"Ice Cream Cone",
		"Ice Cream Cones ",
		"Ice Cream Float",
		"Ice Cream Sandwich",
		"Ice Cream Soda",
		"Ice Cream Van",
		"Ice Cube",
		"Ice Milk",
		"Ice Pop",
		"Ice Wine",
		"Ice-Cream Bean",
		"Iceberg Lettuce",
		"Iced Bun",
		"Iced Coffee",
		"Iced Milk",
		"Icing ",
		"Idaho Spud",
		"India Pale Ale",
		"Indian Almond",
		"Indian Bread",
		"Indian Dairy Products",
		"Indian Express",
		"Indian Fast Food",
		"Indian Gooseberry",
		"Indian Ice Cream ",
		"Indian Indonesians",
		"Indian Jujube",
		"Indian Omelette",
		"Indian Pickle",
		"Indian Prawn",
		"Indian Prune",
		"Indian Punjab",
		"Indian Rubber Vine",
		"Indian Strawberry",
		"Indian Subcontinent",
		"Indian Sweets",
		"Instant Breakfast",
		"Instant Coffee",
		"Instant Mashed Potatoes",
		"Instant Noodle",
		"Instant Pudding",
		"Instant Rice",
		"Instant Soup",
		"Instant Tea",
		"Irish Stew",
		"Irish Whiskey",
		"Italian Beef",
		"Italian Bread",
		"Italian Dressing",
		"Italian Hot Dog",
		"Italian Sandwich",
		"Italian Sausage",
		"Italian Sweet Pepper",
		"Italian Tomato Pie",
		"Italian Wine",
		"Jack Daniel's",
		"Jack Link's Beef Jerky",
		"Jam Sandwich ",
		"Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee",
		"Jamaican Jerk Spice",
		"Japanese Citrus",
		"Japanese Curry",
		"Japanese Eggplant",
		"Japanese Flying Squid",
		"Japanese Green Teas",
		"Japanese Horse Mackerel",
		"Japanese Instant Noodles",
		"Japanese Noodles",
		"Japanese Soy Sauce",
		"Japanese Tea Ceremony",
		"Japanese Whisky",
		"Jasmine Rice",
		"Jellied Eels",
		"Jellied Veal",
		"Jello Salad",
		"Jelly ",
		"Jelly Baby",
		"Jelly Bean",
		"Jelly Cream Pie",
		"Jelly Doughnut",
		"Jelly Palm",
		"Jelly Slice",
		"Jelly Tots",
		"Jerk Chicken",
		"Jolly Rancher",
		"Juniper Berry",
		"Junk Food",
		"Kc Masterpiece",
		"Kettle Corn",
		"Kettle Foods",
		"Key Lime",
		"Key Lime Pie",
		"Khao Chae",
		"Kidney Bean",
		"Kiev Cake",
		"Kimchi Burger",
		"Kix ",
		"Koi ",
		"Kola Nut",
		"Korean Barbecue",
		"Korean Fried Chicken",
		"Korean Language",
		"Korean Melon",
		"Korean Noodles",
		"Korean Pear",
		"Korean Peninsula",
		"Korean Radish",
		"Korean Taco",
		"Korean Tea",
		"Korean Traditional Dish",
		"Korean War",
		"Korean-Mexican Fusion",
		"Korean-Style Carrot",
		"Kosher Salt",
		"Krispy Kreme",
		"Kung Pao Chicken",
		"Lamb ",
		"Lamb Chop ",
		"Late-2000s Financial Crisis",
		"Latte Art",
		"Latte Macchiato",
		"Leaf Vegetable",
		"Leaf Vein",
		"Leek ",
		"Leek Soup",
		"Lemon Drop ",
		"Lemon Pepper",
		"Lemon Rice",
		"Lemon-Lime Drink",
		"Lentil Soup",
		"Lettuce Sandwich",
		"Lettuce Soup",
		"Liberal Revolution of 1820",
		"Liberty ",
		"Life Savers",
		"Light Beer",
		"Lima Bean",
		"Limburg ",
		"Limburger Cheese",
		"Limburger Sandwich",
		"Lime ",
		"Lime Juice",
		"Lime Pickle",
		"Liqueur Coffee",
		"Liquid Smoke",
		"Little Debbie",
		"Little Millet",
		"Liver ",
		"Liver and Onions",
		"Liver Soup",
		"Liverpool Tart",
		"Livestock's Long Shadow",
		"Livinallongo Del Col Di Lana",
		"Lo Mein",
		"Lobster Bisque",
		"Lobster Sauce",
		"Lobster Stew",
		"Locust Bean",
		"Lodi ",
		"London Bun",
		"London Cheesecake",
		"Long Beans",
		"Long Black",
		"Long John ",
		"Long Pepper",
		"Lotus ",
		"Lotus Foods",
		"Lotus Seed",
		"Lotus Seed Bun",
		"Lotus Seed Paste",
		"Low-Alcohol Beer",
		"Lox ",
		"Lucky Charms",
		"Lunch Meat",
		"Macadamia Nut",
		"Macaroni and Cheese",
		"Macaroni Casserole",
		"Macaroni Pie",
		"Macaroni Salad",
		"Macaroni Soup",
		"Macarons De Nancy",
		"Mackerel ",
		"Magic Shell",
		"Maize Milling",
		"Malibu Rum",
		"Malt Beer",
		"Malt Loaf",
		"Malted Milk",
		"Malted Milk ",
		"Maltese Bread",
		"Maltose Crackers",
		"Mammary Gland",
		"Mandarin Orange",
		"Mango Butter",
		"Mango Pickle",
		"Mango Pomelo Sago",
		"Mango Pudding",
		"Mango Sauce",
		"Mango Sticky Rice",
		"Manta Ray",
		"Maple Bacon Donut",
		"Maple Bar",
		"Maple Butter",
		"Maple Leaf Cream Cookies",
		"Maple Liqueur",
		"Maple Sap",
		"Maple Slaw",
		"Maple Sugar",
		"Maple Syrup",
		"Maple Taffy",
		"Marble Cake",
		"Marinara Sauce",
		"Marrow ",
		"Mars Bar",
		"Marshmallow Creme",
		"Marshmallow Fluff",
		"Martini ",
		"Mary Jane ",
		"Mashed Potato",
		"Mashed Potatoes",
		"Mashed Pumpkin",
		"Massaman Curry",
		"Meadow Saffron",
		"Meal, Combat, Individual Ration",
		"Meal, Ready-To-Eat",
		"Meat Analogue",
		"Meat and Potato Pie",
		"Meat Doughnut",
		"Meat Extract",
		"Meat Pie ",
		"Melon Ball",
		"Melon Pear",
		"Melon Seed",
		"Melon Soup",
		"Melt Sandwich",
		"Mess Kit",
		"Mexican Beer",
		"Mexican Rice",
		"Mexican Street Food",
		"Michigan Hot Dog",
		"Michigan Salad",
		"Microbial Cellulose",
		"Midori ",
		"Mighty Munch",
		"Milk Cake",
		"Milk Chocolate",
		"Milk Duds",
		"Milk Powder",
		"Milk Protein",
		"Milk Roll",
		"Milk Toast",
		"Millet ",
		"Mimosa ",
		"Mince Pie",
		"Miner's Lettuce",
		"Mineral Water",
		"Mini Cinnamon Churros",
		"Mini Swirlz",
		"Mint ",
		"Mint Chocolate",
		"Mint Leaves",
		"Miracle Fruit",
		"Miso Soup",
		"Mission Burrito",
		"Mixed Drink",
		"Mixed Nuts",
		"Mixed Spice",
		"Mixer ",
		"Mochi ",
		"Mochi Ice Cream",
		"Mochi Rice",
		"Mock Duck",
		"Mock Meat",
		"Mock Strawberry",
		"Mockernut Hickory",
		"Modeling Chocolate",
		"Modern Cookery for Private Families",
		"Monkey Bread",
		"Monster Energy",
		"Monterey Jack",
		"Monterey Jack Cheese",
		"Montreal-Style Bagel",
		"Moo Shu Pork",
		"Moon Pie",
		"Moose Cheese",
		"Moose Jaw",
		"Moose Milk",
		"Mound of Butter ",
		"Mountain Apple",
		"Mountain Dew",
		"Mountain Ration",
		"Mozzarella Cheese",
		"Mozzarella Sticks",
		"Mr. Goodbar",
		"Mr. T Cereal",
		"Mrs. Butterworth's",
		"Munster ",
		"Munster Cheese",
		"Mushroom Gravy",
		"Mushroom Ketchup",
		"Mushroom Sauce",
		"Mushy Peas",
		"Musk Cucumber",
		"Mustard ",
		"Mustard Greens",
		"Mustard Oil",
		"Mustard Plant",
		"Mustard Seed",
		"Mustard Tart",
		"Mutton ",
		"My Fair Lady Cocktail",
		"Naan Burger",
		"Naan Sandwich",
		"Nacho Cheese",
		"Nagami Kumquat",
		"Neapolitan Coconut Slice",
		"Neapolitan Ice Cream",
		"Neapolitan Pizza",
		"Neapolitan Sauce",
		"Needle Palm",
		"Neon Flying Squid",
		"Nerds ",
		"Nettle Soup",
		"New Haven-Style Pizza",
		"New Potatoes",
		"New World Crops",
		"New World Pasta",
		"New York-Style Pizza",
		"New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel",
		"Newmarket Sausage",
		"Nice Biscuit",
		"Nicotine Gum",
		"No-Knead Bread",
		"Nobel Ice ",
		"Non-Alcoholic Beverage",
		"Non-Dairy Creamer",
		"Noodle Soup",
		"Noodle With Tomato Egg Sauce",
		"Norman Tart",
		"Normande Sauce",
		"Nova Scotia Wine",
		"Nut ",
		"Nut Butter",
		"Nut Roast",
		"Nut Roll",
		"Nutmeg Butter",
		"Nutritional Yeast",
		"Oatmeal Cookie",
		"Octopus ",
		"Oil Noodles",
		"Oil Palm",
		"Oil Seed",
		"Oily Fish",
		"Ok Sauce",
		"Okra Soup",
		"Old Bay Seasoning",
		"Old Fashioned Doughnut",
		"Old Macdonnells Farm Cheese",
		"Old Santeclaus With Much Delight",
		"Olive Oil",
		"Olive Salad",
		"Omega-7 Fatty Acid",
		"Omelette Surprise",
		"Onion Cake",
		"Onion Gravy",
		"Onion Powder",
		"Onion Ring",
		"Onion Rolls",
		"Onion Sauce",
		"Open Sandwich",
		"Opera Cake",
		"Orange ",
		"Orange and Polenta Cake",
		"Orange Chicken",
		"Orange Juice",
		"Orange Soft Drink",
		"Orange Wine",
		"Orange, Indian Green / Sweet Lime",
		"Oreo O'S",
		"Organic Beef",
		"Organic Chocolate",
		"Organic Coffee",
		"Organic Food",
		"Organic Infant Formula",
		"Organic Milk",
		"Organic Wine",
		"Otter Pops",
		"Ox-Tongue Pastry",
		"Oxford Sausage",
		"Oyster Cracker",
		"Oyster Mushroom",
		"Oyster Omelette",
		"Oyster Sauce",
		"Oyster Stew",
		"Pacific Bluefin Tuna",
		"Pacific Cod",
		"Pacific Herring",
		"Pacific Rose",
		"Packed Lunch",
		"Pad Thai",
		"Pain Au Chocolat",
		"Pale Ale",
		"Pale Lager",
		"Palestinian Sweet Lime",
		"Pall Mall ",
		"Palm Nut Soup",
		"Palm Oil",
		"Palm Sugar",
		"Palm Syrup",
		"Pancake Art",
		"Pancake Mix",
		"Pancake Syrup",
		"Panini ",
		"Papaya Salad",
		"Paradise Lily",
		"Parsley Sauce",
		"Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil",
		"Passion of Christ",
		"Pasta Al Pesto",
		"Pasta Salad",
		"Pasteurized Eggs",
		"Pastrami on Rye",
		"Pastry Cream",
		"Patty Melt",
		"Pea Soup",
		"Peach Pie",
		"Peach Sauce",
		"Peanut Brittle",
		"Peanut Butter",
		"Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich",
		"Peanut Butter Bun",
		"Peanut Butter Cookie",
		"Peanut Butter Cup",
		"Peanut Butter Fruit",
		"Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon Sandwich",
		"Peanut Flour",
		"Peanut Oil",
		"Peanut Pie",
		"Peanut Punch",
		"Peanut Sauce",
		"Peanut Slab",
		"Peanut Soup",
		"Peanut Tree",
		"Pear Tart",
		"Peasant Food",
		"Pebbles Cereal",
		"Pecan Brittle",
		"Pecan Pie",
		"Peking Duck",
		"Peking Pork",
		"Pepper Jack Cheese",
		"Pepper Steak",
		"Peppermint Bark",
		"Peppermint Crisp",
		"Pepperoni Roll",
		"Pepsi Cola",
		"Philadelphia Cheesy Eggs",
		"Pickle Meat",
		"Pickle Relish",
		"Pickled Beet Egg",
		"Pickled Cucumber",
		"Pickled Egg",
		"Pickled Fruit",
		"Pickled Herring",
		"Pickled Lemon",
		"Pickled Lime",
		"Pickled Mustard",
		"Pickled Onion",
		"Pickled Pepper",
		"Pickled Pigs Feet",
		"Pickled Radish",
		"Pickled Tofu",
		"Pickled Vegetables",
		"Pickled Walnuts",
		"Pie a La Mode",
		"Pie Crust",
		"Pig Blood",
		"Pig's Blood Cake",
		"Pig's Brain Soup",
		"Pig's Feet",
		"Pine Cone ",
		"Pine Nut",
		"Pineapple Bun",
		"Pineapple Cake",
		"Pineapple Curry",
		"Pineapple Guava",
		"Pineapple Tart",
		"Pineapple Upside-Down Cake",
		"Pink Lady ",
		"Pinot Gris",
		"Pinot Noir",
		"Pinto Bean",
		"Pistachio and Rose Petal Chocolate Bar",
		"Pistachio Butter",
		"Pistachio Pudding",
		"Pit Barbecue",
		"Pita Bread",
		"Pita Chips",
		"Pizza Bagel",
		"Pizza Margherita",
		"Pizza Pockets",
		"Pizza Rolls",
		"Placenta Cake",
		"Plain Cooked Rice",
		"Plum Cake",
		"Plum Jam",
		"Plum Pie",
		"Po' Boy",
		"Poached Egg",
		"Poke ",
		"Polish Sausage",
		"Polish Style Pickled Cucumber",
		"Pomegranate Juice",
		"Popcorn Maker",
		"Popcorn Seasoning",
		"Poppy Milk",
		"Poppy Seed",
		"Popsicle ",
		"Pork and Beans",
		"Pork Butt",
		"Pork Chop",
		"Pork Tenderloin",
		"Pork Tenderloin Sandwich",
		"Port Wine",
		"Portable Soup",
		"Portobello Mushroom",
		"Pot Liquor",
		"Pot Noodle",
		"Pot Pie",
		"Pot Roast",
		"Potassium Carbonate",
		"Potato Bread",
		"Potato Cake",
		"Potato Chip",
		"Potato Filling",
		"Potato Flour",
		"Potato Pancake",
		"Potato Salad",
		"Potato Scone",
		"Potato Starch",
		"Pound Cake",
		"Powdered Milk",
		"Powdered Sugar",
		"Prime Rib",
		"Protein Bar",
		"Provel Cheese",
		"Provolone Cheese",
		"Prune Cake",
		"Prune Juice",
		"Puff Pastry",
		"Puffed Grain",
		"Puffer Fish",
		"Puffins Cereal",
		"Pulled Pork",
		"Pulled Pork Sandwich",
		"Pumpkin Ale",
		"Pumpkin Bread",
		"Pumpkin Pie",
		"Pumpkin Pie Spice",
		"Pumpkin Seeds",
		"Punch ",
		"Purple Carrot",
		"Purple Guava",
		"Purple Yam",
		"Quail Egg",
		"Quaker Instant Oatmeal",
		"Quaker Oats",
		"Quarter Pounder",
		"Queso Fresco",
		"Rabbit Pie",
		"Rabbit Stew",
		"Rainbow Cookie",
		"Rainbow Sherbet",
		"Rainbow Trout",
		"Raisin Bran",
		"Raisin Bread",
		"Raisin Cake",
		"Raisin Crisps",
		"Raisin Pie",
		"Ranch Dressing",
		"Raspberry Pie",
		"Raspberry Ripple",
		"Ravioli Capresi",
		"Raw Chocolate",
		"Raw Fish",
		"Raw Milk",
		"Razzleberry Pie",
		"Rc Cola",
		"Ready to Drink",
		"Red Algae",
		"Red Bean",
		"Red Beans & Rice",
		"Red Cabbage",
		"Red Curry",
		"Red Delicious",
		"Red Devil Cheese",
		"Red Onion",
		"Red Peppers of Florina",
		"Red Potato",
		"Red Rice",
		"Red Russian ",
		"Red Velvet Cake",
		"Red Wine",
		"Reduction ",
		"Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bar",
		"Reese's Fast Break",
		"Reese's Peanut Butter Cup",
		"Reese's Pieces",
		"Reese's Puffs",
		"Reese's Sticks",
		"Refried Beans",
		"Reuben's Restaurant",
		"Rhubarb Pie",
		"Rhubarb Tart",
		"Rib Eye Steak",
		"Rice ",
		"Rice and Beans",
		"Rice and Curry",
		"Rice and Gravy",
		"Rice and Peas",
		"Rice Bath",
		"Rice Bread",
		"Rice Burger",
		"Rice Cake",
		"Rice Cereal",
		"Rice Cracker",
		"Rice Flour",
		"Rice Krispie Treat",
		"Rice Milk",
		"Rice Noodle",
		"Rice Pudding",
		"Rice Thins",
		"Rice Wine",
		"Ricotta Cheese",
		"Roast Beef",
		"Roast Beef Sandwich",
		"Roast Chicken",
		"Roast Dinner",
		"Roast Duck",
		"Roast Goose",
		"Roast Lamb",
		"Roast Lamb With Laver Sauce",
		"Roast Potato",
		"Roasted Barley Tea",
		"Roasted Grain Beverage",
		"Roasted Piglet",
		"Roastedbarley Tea",
		"Rock ",
		"Rock Cake",
		"Rock Candy",
		"Rock Oyster",
		"Rock Ptarmigan",
		"Rock Rose",
		"Rocky Road ",
		"Roll ",
		"Root Beer",
		"Root Beer Float",
		"Root Vegetable",
		"Rose Water",
		"Rotisserie Chicken",
		"Rye Bread",
		"Rye Whiskey",
		"S'mores Grahams",
		"Sacramental Bread",
		"Sad Cake",
		"Saffron ",
		"Saffron Bun",
		"Saffron Cake",
		"Saffron Rice",
		"Sake Bomb",
		"Salad Dressing",
		"Salmon ",
		"Salmon Burger",
		"Salsa ",
		"Salsa Roja",
		"Salsa Roja Picante",
		"Salsa Verde ",
		"Salt and Pepper",
		"Salt and Vinegar",
		"Salt Cod",
		"Salt Fish",
		"Salt Pork",
		"Salt Potatoes",
		"Salt Water Taffy",
		"Salt-Cured Meat",
		"Salt-Rising Bread",
		"Salted Egg",
		"Salted Fish",
		"Salted Meat",
		"Salted Nut Roll",
		"Salted Pretzel",
		"Saltwater Eel",
		"Salty Liquorice",
		"La Croix",
		"Sandwich Bread",
		"Sandwich Cookie",
		"Sandwich Loaf",
		"Sandwich Toaster",
		"Sandwiches That You Will Like",
		"Sauce Hollandaise",
		"Sausage Roll",
		"Sauvignon Blanc",
		"Savoury ",
		"Savoury Pattie",
		"Savoy Cabbage",
		"Scallion Pancake",
		"Scalloped Eggs",
		"Scone ",
		"Scorpion Bay Hot Sauce",
		"Scotch Ale",
		"Scotch Whisky",
		"Scrambled Egg",
		"Scraps ",
		"Sea Beet",
		"Sea Cucumber ",
		"Sea Kale",
		"Sea Pineapple",
		"Sea Salt",
		"Sealed Crustless Sandwich",
		"Seasonal Beer",
		"Seasoned Rice Vinegar",
		"Semi-Hard Cheese",
		"Sesame Chicken",
		"Sesame Oil",
		"Sesame Seed",
		"Sesame Seed Cake",
		"Sesame Shrimp",
		"Shark Fin Soup",
		"Shark Liver Oil",
		"Shave Ice",
		"Shaved Ice",
		"Sheep Milk",
		"Sheep Milk Cheese",
		"Sheet Cake",
		"Shepherd's Pie",
		"Shredded Beef",
		"Shredded Chicken Noodles",
		"Shredded Coconut",
		"Shredded Wheat",
		"Shrewsbury Cake",
		"Shrewsbury Sauce",
		"Shrimp ",
		"Shrimp and Grits",
		"Shrimp Ball",
		"Shrimp Chips ",
		"Shrimp Cocktail",
		"Shrimp Curry",
		"Sichuan Pepper",
		"Sicilian Pizza",
		"Side Dish",
		"Signal Crayfish",
		"Signature Dish",
		"Sirloin Steak",
		"Skewered Goose Liver",
		"Skim Milk",
		"Skirt Steak",
		"Skittles ",
		"Sliced Bread",
		"Sliced Fish Soup",
		"Slim Jim ",
		"Sloppy Joe ",
		"Smarties ",
		"Smoked Beer",
		"Smoked Cheese",
		"Smoked Egg",
		"Smoked Fish",
		"Smoked Garlic",
		"Smoked Ham",
		"Smoked Meat",
		"Smoked Salmon",
		"Smoked Salmon Cheesecake",
		"Smoked Salt",
		"Smoked Scallop",
		"Smooth Clam",
		"Snack Cake",
		"Snack Food",
		"Snack Mix",
		"Snake Fruit",
		"Snake Wine",
		"Snap Pea",
		"Snaps ",
		"Snickers Pie",
		"Snow Cone",
		"Snow Crab",
		"Snow Cream",
		"Snow Pea",
		"Snow Peas",
		"Snow Poppy",
		"Snow Skin Mooncake",
		"Soda Cracker",
		"Soft Drink",
		"Soft Serve",
		"Soft-Shell Clam",
		"Soft-Shell Crab",
		"Soul Cake",
		"Soul Food",
		"Soup All'imperatrice",
		"Soup and Sandwich",
		"Soup Beans",
		"Soup Number Five",
		"Soup Soy Sauce",
		"Soupe Au Fromage",
		"Sour ",
		"Sour Beer",
		"Sour Cabbage",
		"Sour Cherries",
		"Sour Cherry",
		"Sour Cherry Soup",
		"Sour Cream",
		"Sour Cream Doughnut",
		"Sour Cream Sauce",
		"Sour Milk Cheese",
		"Sour Patch Kids",
		"Sour Plum",
		"Sour Rye Soup",
		"Sour Soup",
		"Sour Spare Ribs",
		"Sourdough Bread",
		"Soured Milk",
		"South Asian Pickle",
		"South Asian Sweets",
		"Soy Bean",
		"Soy Candle",
		"Soy Cheese",
		"Soy Egg",
		"Soy Flour",
		"Soy Ink",
		"Soy Lecithin",
		"Soy Milk",
		"Soy Milk Maker",
		"Soy Molasses",
		"Soy Nut",
		"Soy Nuts",
		"Soy Paint",
		"Soy Protein",
		"Soy Sauce",
		"Soy Sauce Chicken",
		"Soy Yogurt",
		"Soya Sauce",
		"Soybean Agglutinin",
		"Soybean Butter",
		"Soybean Meal",
		"Soybean Oil",
		"Soyracha Hot Chili Soy Sauce",
		"Space Food Sticks",
		"Space Raiders ",
		"Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Con Sugo Di Agnello",
		"Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Ricotta, Salsiccia E Zafferano",
		"Spaghetti Sandwich",
		"Spaghetti With Meatballs",
		"Spam ",
		"Spam Fritter",
		"Spam Musubi",
		"Spanish Lime",
		"Spanish Rice",
		"Sparkling Apple Cider",
		"Sparkling Wine",
		"Spear Lily",
		"Special K",
		"Spice Mix",
		"Spice Rub",
		"Spiced Beef",
		"Spiced Bun",
		"Spiced Meat Roll",
		"Spinach Salad",
		"Spiny Lobster",
		"Spit Cake",
		"Split Pea",
		"Split Pea Soup",
		"Sponge and Dough",
		"Sponge Cake",
		"Sponge Gourd",
		"Spotted Dick",
		"Spread ",
		"Spring Greens",
		"Spring Onion",
		"Spring Pancake",
		"Spring Roll",
		"Sprite ",
		"Sprite Melon",
		"Squab ",
		"Squash ",
		"Squash Soup",
		"Squid ",
		"Squid Cocktail",
		"Squid Ink",
		"Sriracha Sauce ",
		"St. John's Wort",
		"St. Louis-Style Barbecue",
		"St. Louis-Style Pizza",
		"Stadium Mustard",
		"Staple Food",
		"Star Apple",
		"Steak and Eggs",
		"Steak and Kidney Pie",
		"Steak and Kidney Pudding",
		"Steak and Oyster Pie",
		"Steak Burger",
		"Steak Frites",
		"Steak Knife",
		"Steak Pie",
		"Steak Sandwich",
		"Steak Sauce",
		"Steak Tartare",
		"Steam Beer",
		"Steam Minced Pork",
		"Steamed Bread",
		"Steamed Bun",
		"Steamed Clams",
		"Steamed Meatball",
		"Steamed Rice",
		"Steel-Cut Oats",
		"Stew Peas",
		"Stick Candy",
		"Sticky Bun",
		"Sticky Date Pudding",
		"Sticky Rice",
		"Sticky Toffee Pudding",
		"Stinging Nettle",
		"Stinking Bishop Cheese",
		"Stinky Tofu",
		"Stir Fried Water Spinach",
		"Stir Fry",
		"Stir-Fried Tomato and Scrambled Eggs",
		"Stock ",
		"Stone Soup",
		"Straight Dough",
		"Strained Yogurt",
		"Strawberry Cake",
		"Strawberry Delight",
		"Strawberry Festival",
		"Strawberry Guava",
		"Strawberry Ice Cream",
		"Strawberry Pear",
		"Strawberry Pie",
		"Strawberry Rhubarb Pie",
		"Strawberry Sauce",
		"Strawberry Shortcake",
		"Street Food",
		"String Cheese",
		"Stuffed Apples",
		"Stuffed Artichoke",
		"Stuffed Avocado",
		"Stuffed Cabbage",
		"Stuffed Clam",
		"Stuffed Dates",
		"Stuffed Eggplant",
		"Stuffed Eggplants",
		"Stuffed Ham",
		"Stuffed Intestines",
		"Stuffed Mallow",
		"Stuffed Melon",
		"Stuffed Mushrooms",
		"Stuffed Mussels",
		"Stuffed Peppers",
		"Stuffed Quinces",
		"Stuffed Ribs",
		"Stuffed Sorrel",
		"Stuffed Squash",
		"Stuffed Squid",
		"Stuffed Tomatoes",
		"Stuffed Zucchini",
		"Sugar Apple",
		"Sugar Babies ",
		"Sugar Beet",
		"Sugar Cake",
		"Sugar Candy",
		"Sugar Cane",
		"Sugar Confectionery",
		"Sugar Cookie",
		"Sugar Cookies",
		"Sugar Crust",
		"Sugar Daddy ",
		"Sugar Melon",
		"Sugar Paste",
		"Sugar Pie",
		"Sugar Plum",
		"Sugar Puffs",
		"Sugar Substitute",
		"Sugar Syrup",
		"Sugarcane Juice",
		"Summer Roll",
		"Summer Sausage",
		"Summer Squash",
		"Sun Chips",
		"Sun Drop",
		"Sun Rose",
		"Sun-Dried Tomato",
		"Sundae ",
		"Sunday Dinner",
		"Sunday Herald Sun",
		"Sunflower Oil",
		"Sunflower Seed",
		"Sunkist Fun Fruits",
		"Super Noodles",
		"Sushi Pizza",
		"Sustainable Seafood",
		"Sweet and Sour",
		"Sweet and Sour Pork",
		"Sweet and Sour Sauce",
		"Sweet Bean Paste",
		"Sweet Bean Sauce",
		"Sweet Chestnut",
		"Sweet Chili Sauce",
		"Sweet Chilli Sauce",
		"Sweet Coltsfoot",
		"Sweet Corn",
		"Sweet Lime",
		"Sweet Omelette",
		"Sweet Onion",
		"Sweet Orange",
		"Sweet Pea",
		"Sweet Pepper",
		"Sweet Potato",
		"Sweet Potato Pie",
		"Sweet Potato Pudding",
		"Sweet Potato Soup",
		"Sweet Roll",
		"Sweet Shells",
		"Sweet Sour and Spicy Vegetable Gravy",
		"Sweet Soy Sauce",
		"Sweet Tea",
		"Sweetened Potato Casserole",
		"Sweetened Potato Chips",
		"Swirled Caramel & Salted Peanut",
		"Swiss Cheese",
		"Swiss Chocolate",
		"T-Bone Steak",
		"Tabasco Pepper",
		"Tabasco Sauce",
		"Table Apple",
		"Table Wine",
		"Taco Bell",
		"Taco Salad",
		"Taco Soup",
		"Taffy ",
		"Taiwan Fried Chicken",
		"Tamale Pie",
		"Tap Water",
		"Tart Crust",
		"Tartar Sauce",
		"Tater Tot",
		"Tato Skins",
		"Tea ",
		"Tea Cake",
		"Tea Egg",
		"Tea Loaf",
		"Tea Sandwich",
		"Teddy Grahams",
		"Tempeh Bacem",
		"Tempered Eggs",
		"Tennessee Whiskey",
		"Tequila and Tonic",
		"Tequila Mockingbird",
		"Tequila Slammer",
		"Tequila Sour",
		"Tequila Sunrise ",
		"Texas Caviar",
		"Texas Hot Dog",
		"Texas Toast",
		"Textured Vegetable Protein",
		"Thai Basil",
		"Thai Chili",
		"Thai Curry",
		"Thai Fried Rice",
		"Thin Mints ",
		"Thousand Island Dressing",
		"Three Bean Salad",
		"Throat Lozenge",
		"Tiger Bread",
		"Tiger Meat",
		"Tiger Tail Donut",
		"Tiger's Milk",
		"Tim Horton's",
		"Toast Sandwich",
		"Toast'em Pop Ups",
		"Toasted Bread",
		"Toasted Ravioli",
		"Toasted Sandwich",
		"Toaster Pastry",
		"Toaster Strudel",
		"Toffee Crisp",
		"Tofu Sandwich",
		"Tom and Jerry ",
		"Tomato and Egg Soup",
		"Tomato Gravy",
		"Tomato Jam",
		"Tomato Juice",
		"Tomato Ketchup",
		"Tomato Omelette",
		"Tomato Paste",
		"Tomato Sandwich",
		"Tomato Sauce",
		"Tomato Soup",
		"Tootsie Roll",
		"Top Sirloin",
		"Tortilla Chip",
		"Tortilla Soup",
		"Tostada ",
		"Traditional Dried Fruit",
		"Traditional Food",
		"Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish",
		"Traditional Italian Maize Varieties",
		"Trail Mix",
		"Trans Fat",
		"Tree Breeding",
		"Tree Fern",
		"Tree of Heaven",
		"Tree Onion",
		"Tree Sap",
		"Tree Tomato",
		"Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper",
		"Tropical Almond",
		"Tropical Fruit",
		"Truffle Butter",
		"Tuna Bun",
		"Tuna Casserole",
		"Tuna Fish Sandwich",
		"Tuna Fishing",
		"Tuna Pot",
		"Tuna Salad",
		"Turkey ",
		"Turkey Bacon",
		"Turkey Ham",
		"Turkey Meat",
		"Turkish Coffee",
		"Turkish Delight",
		"Turnip Cake",
		"Turnip Greens",
		"Turnover ",
		"Turtle Soup",
		"Twelve-Dish Christmas Eve Supper",
		"Twice Cooked Pork",
		"U-No Bar",
		"Ube Halaya",
		"Under Cover Bears Instant Oatmeal",
		"Unleavened Bread",
		"Upside-Down Cake",
		"Uric Acid",
		"Valencia Orange",
		"Vanilla Extract",
		"Vanilla Ice Cream",
		"Vanilla Pudding",
		"Variegated Pink Lemon",
		"Vegan Cheese",
		"Vegetable Box Scheme",
		"Vegetable Chip",
		"Vegetable Chips",
		"Vegetable Fats and Oils",
		"Vegetable Juice",
		"Vegetable Oil",
		"Vegetable Oils",
		"Vegetable Sandwich",
		"Vegetable Tarkari",
		"Vegetable Thins",
		"Vegetarian Bacon",
		"Vegetarian Bee Hoon",
		"Vegetarian Chili",
		"Vegetarian Diet Pyramid",
		"Vegetarian Ecofeminism",
		"Vegetarian Food",
		"Vegetarian Hot Dog",
		"Vegetarian Nutrition",
		"Vegetarian Sausage",
		"Vegetarian Spring Roll",
		"Veggie Burger",
		"Venus Flytrap",
		"Vietnamese Iced Coffee",
		"Vietnamese Imperial Meals",
		"Vietnamese Kings Offering Meals",
		"Vietnamese Lotus Tea",
		"Vietnamese Noodles",
		"Vietnamese Tea",
		"Vietnamese Wine",
		"Vinegar Cake",
		"Vitamin A",
		"Vitamin C",
		"Vitamin E",
		"Vitamin K",
		"Vodka Martini",
		"Vodka Sauce",
		"Wa ",
		"Wa Dan Oyok Rice",
		"Wacky Cake",
		"Waffle Crisp",
		"Waffle Fries",
		"Waffle Iron",
		"Walnut and Coffee Cake",
		"Walnut Butter",
		"Walnut Pie",
		"Walnut Stuffed Figs",
		"Washed-Rind Cheese",
		"Water Apple",
		"Water Biscuit",
		"Water Buffalo",
		"Water Caltrop",
		"Water Chestnut",
		"Water Crackers",
		"Water Pepper",
		"Water Spinach",
		"Watercress Soup",
		"Watermelon Rind Preserves",
		"Watermelon Seed Oil",
		"Watermelon Steak",
		"Wax Apple",
		"Wax Bean",
		"Wax Gourd",
		"Wax Jambu",
		"Waxy Corn",
		"Wedding Cabbage",
		"Wedding Cake",
		"Wedding Soup",
		"Wet Walnuts",
		"Whale Meat",
		"Wheat Beer",
		"Wheat Crunchies",
		"Wheat Flour",
		"Wheat Germ",
		"Wheat Gluten ",
		"Wheat Thins",
		"Wheat Tortilla",
		"Whey Cheese",
		"Whey Protein",
		"Whipped Cream",
		"Whipped Topping",
		"White Bean",
		"White Beans",
		"White Boiled Shrimp",
		"White Borscht",
		"White Bread",
		"White Carrot",
		"White Castle ",
		"White Chocolate",
		"White Coffee",
		"White Cut Chicken",
		"White Meat",
		"White Mustard",
		"White Onion",
		"White Pepper",
		"White Potato",
		"White Pudding",
		"White Rabbit Creamy Candy",
		"White Rice",
		"White Rum",
		"White Russian ",
		"White Sauce",
		"White Sugar",
		"White Sugar Sponge Cake",
		"White Walnut",
		"White Wine",
		"Whole Cane Sugar",
		"Whole Grain",
		"Whole Milk",
		"Whole Wheat Bread",
		"Whole Wheat Flour",
		"Whoopie Pie",
		"Wiener Schnitzel",
		"Wild Boar",
		"Wild Game",
		"Wild Rice",
		"Wine Cake",
		"Wine Cocktail",
		"Wine Sauce",
		"Wine Soup",
		"Winter Ice Cream",
		"Winter Melon",
		"Winter Salami",
		"Winter Wheat",
		"Wisconsin Cheese",
		"Won Ton",
		"Wonder Bread",
		"Wonka Bar",
		"Wonton Noodle",
		"Wood Apple",
		"Worcestershire Sauce",
		"Wow Wee Candy Bar",
		"Wrap ",
		"Wrap Roti",
		"Xi Gua Lao",
		"Xo Sauce",
		"Yak Butter",
		"Yam ",
		"Yam Bean",
		"Yard Long Beans",
		"Yeast Bread",
		"Yeast Extract",
		"Yellow Bean Sauce",
		"Yellow Curry",
		"Yellow Mustard",
		"Yellow Onion",
		"Yellow Peas",
		"Yellow Sapote",
		"Yellow Skunk Cabbage",
		"Yellow Soybean Paste",
		"Yellow Walnut",
		"Yellowfin Tuna",
		"Yogurt Soup",
		"York Peppermint Pattie",
		"Yorkshire Pudding",
		"Yule Log",
		"Yum Cha",
		"Yum Yum ",
		"Zest ",
		"Zestar Apple",

M main.go => main.go +21 -8
@@ 6,33 6,47 @@ import (

func main() {
	fileName := flag.String("config", "", "config filepath")
	mode := flag.String("mode", "", "mode, either souls or lacroix")
	fmt.Println("Loading config from", *fileName)
	fmt.Println("Username:", *fileName)
	fmt.Println("Loading authentication data from", *fileName)
	config, err := loadConfig(fileName)
	client, err := getTwitterClient(config)
	_, err = getTwitterClient(config)
	var tweet string
	if config.Username == "soulstxt" {
	if *mode == "souls" {
		tweet = generateSoulsTweet()
	} else if config.Username == "lacroixbot" {
	} else if *mode == "lacroix" {
		tweet = generateLacroixTweet()
	} else {
		panic("Invalid mode")
		// do nothing
	if err != nil {
	_, _, err = client.Statuses.Update(tweet, nil)
	// _, _, err = client.Statuses.Update(tweet, nil)
	// fetch username etc
	fmt.Printf("Posted update \"%s\"\n", tweet)
	if err != nil {

func generateLacroixTweet() string {
	return "test flavored la croix"
	allFlavors := flavors()
	result := allFlavors[rand.Intn(len(allFlavors))] + " flavored La Croix"
	if rand.Intn(5) == 1 {
		// sometimes add naturally essenced
		result = "Naturally Essenced " + result
	return result

func generateSoulsTweet() string {

@@ 44,7 58,6 @@ type TwitterCreds struct {
	ConsumerSecret string
	AccessToken    string
	AccessSecret   string
	Username       string

func loadConfig(configFilename *string) (*TwitterCreds, error) {