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#Installation Instructions


The project uses meson, so the steps to configure and build are

meson build
meson compile -C build

To pass options, use the following syntax

meson build -Doption_name=value

To see all available options, type the following after the build directory is initialized, or look inside meson_options.txt. Built-in meson options can be found here.

meson configure build

To change an option after configuration, use

meson configure build -Doption_name=value

To clean the build directory while keeping the current configuration, use

meson compile --clean -C build

To change environment variables (such as CC and CXX) while keeping the current configuration, use

MY_ENV_VARIABLE=myvalue meson build --wipe

To start from scratch, remove the build directory

rm -rf build

Hint: If your distro's meson package is too old, you can either install meson from pip or run meson.py directly from meson's source code.


The default build type is debugoptmized, which is equivalent to -Ddebug=true -Doptimization=2 (-O2 -g). This works well in most cases. For extremely optimized builds, we suggest building with

meson build -Ddebug=true -Doptimization=3 -Dextra_optimizations=true -Dnative_build=true

We suggest always keeping -Ddebug=true to assist with meaningful stack traces and bug reports.




Tip: dependency package names for various distros can be found here and here


Once the program is built, it will need to be installed the first time before it can run (to install the GSettings among other things).

meson install -C build

If you don't want to install anything permanent on your system, you can install it somewhere temporary by configuring with meson build --prefix=/tmp/zrythm for example, and then you can run it with /tmp/zrythm/bin/zrythm_launch.


When running Zrythm from the command line, it is recommended to use zrythm_launch instead of running the zrythm binary directly. This takes care of using the correct GSettings schemas and other resources in the installed prefix.

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